Promotional 3D Cards Use Cardboard Engineering Techniques

We make promotional 3D pop-up cards in a variety of shapes and sizes with many different pop up mechanisms. The custom pop up cards feature quite a number of cardboard engineering techniques to create parallelogram pop-ups, V fold mechanisms, cut outscreative folding techniques, 3D pop-ups and also pop up cards with a pull strip mechanism. The parallelogram pop up card and the “V-fold” pop up card are the simplest of the pop up mechanisms.  They are also the most popular of the 3D pop up cards as they are very effective and the least expensive making them ideal as promotional mailers! Each of the 3D pop up cards in the range are custom made. 

Creative Marketing Ideas Using 3D Pop-up Cards

The intricacy of promotional 3D pop-up cards is limited only by the skills of the paper engineer and the project budget! In plain terms, the simpler the pop up card mechanism, the less expensive the business communication product is. The 3D pop up card styles that are pictured are simple but very effective. It is often the case with a promotional pop up card that a simple pop-up mechanism can offer greater impact than over-fussy 3D pop-up cards . The creative marketing ideas are usually what make a pop-up card successful and the examples pictured were all very successful in their own markets.

Pop-up 3D Card Mechanism Draws Attention To Direct Marketing Message

One of the main aims of a successful direct marketing piece is to draw the customer's attention to your main selling point. These custom printed pop-up cards do this in a very obvious and direct fashion. The pop-up mechanism is the main point of focus on a 3D card and this makes custom pop-up cards a very popular choice of business marketing product. The obvious attention-grabbing quality of the 3D cards’ pop-up action is augmented by the versatility of each product and by the abundance of choice which will virtually guarantee that there is something here to fit even the most unusual of marketing briefs. The Bobbing Duck is a good example of something unusual, as are the Wobbly Bit pop up cards.