Interactive Mailers – Direct Mail Pop-ups With A Mailing Envelope

On this page we discuss all of the products in the Whitney Woods range that pop up or are interactive and are perfect direct mail ideas. Leaping from customised mailers, interactive pop up mailers increase response rates from direct mail and direct marketing campaigns.  The Pop Up Ball direct mail peice is an attractive interactive pop up mailer and having twelve faces it is perfect for hosting a promotional desktop calendar. If you prefer something more box shaped we offer the Pop Up Cube and Pop Up Cuboid; both of these direct mail products offer further adaptation options including pen holes and coin slots. And as if that isn’t enough we also offer eye-catching and very unusual popup shapes for your interactive mailer, the Pop Up Pyramid and Pop up Diamond are two shapes that add kudos and prestige to your direct mail ideas. Optional extras with these two pop up mailer shapes are metallic loops to greate hanging promotional 'decorations'. This hanging option is available with all the Pop Up Gems including the Pop Up Diamond. Pen holes are also available with the Pop Up Pyramid.  For an interactive pop up mailer with a comfort factor plus extraordinary attention-grabbing qualities the Pop Up House is a winning formula for direct mail every time; its quirkiness is very appealing and it is never ignored.  You may prefer the Pop Up Castle pop up mailers, which being a trapezium-shape can also be designed upside down as a Pop Up Chocolate Box. Direct mail response rates generated by the interactive pop up mailers are known to be far in excess of those from leaflets and flyers and many of our customers bear testimony to this.  

Promotional Direct Mail Ideas - Pop Up Mailers

Promotional direct mail is the largest single use of the Whitney Woods range of pop up mailers. But what is it about our interactive pop up mailers that make them such a success as direct mailing pieces? Well, for one thing, the pop up mailer products themselves help to spark off so many different ideas for direct mail. Advertisers are all desperate to find the same thing – “Something different” – and our pop up mailer products give rise to many direct mail ideas. Take for instance the Sideshooter and Zing Thing; these are two interactive pop up mailers that have a high degree of interactivity and maintain your customers focus in an innovative and extraordinary way.  An interactive pop up mailer that lends itself perfectly to trade-show give-aways and event invitations too is the Jumpinjax. This direct mail product from our pop up mailer range is a promotional mailer with a difference, well four actually! Four small pop up cubes erupt from the mailer when least expected which is very bold and showy.

Interactive Mailer - Something Different For Your Direct Mail

Every product in the whole range of interactive mailers has something different to offer and will prompt many different direct mail ideas. It might be the fact that the direct mail peice has a long desk top life or it could be that the movement fits perfectly with your advertising message. No matter what you are looking to achieve with your direct mail campaign there is a strong likelihood that we can supply a promotional and interactive mailer to fit the bill.  A Power Pen Pal for example is one of the interactive popup mailer ideas to encourage brand and customer loyalty; this nifty direct mail product serves as a desk-top tool and reminds your customers of your company details all the time too. The interactive pop up mailers with pen holes work in the very same way. Add a printed calendar to your direct mail peice too and you have a two-in-one pop up mailer “gift” that will sit on a work station for a year at least! Another way to add “keepability” and also an element of fun to your direct mail campaign would be to add a 'wobbly bit' to your pop-up product.

Pop Up Mailers Lead To Many Direct Mail Ideas

Our range of interactive pop up mailers has a combination of positive attributes that are not always present in standard promotional print and these positives are bound to get your creative juices flowing to produce some great direct mail ideas. Automatic pop-up products as an example are powered by rubber bands, the various pop-up mailer items all bring with them the element of surprise which inevitably leads to laughter - so they are fun promotional products that create a talking point with co-workers. That fact alone already puts interactive pop-up mailers higher up than an A4 flyer in any direct mail league table. Pop up mailers all come with their own style of custom-made mailing pack such as a Zippalope or a mailing wrap.  This plays a big part in their success as direct mail products, as it makes them easy to spot in the morning post as it arrives on your customer’s desk. Many of the promotional direct mail products can be supplied not just as interactive pop up mailers but as interactive pop up mailers that hold pens. Converting your direct marketing piece to a pen holder will not only achieve the attention-grabbing goals of your initial promotion but it will also add significant life to the direct mail promotion by remaining on your customer’s desk for months.

Interactive Mailers With A Big Surprise Element

Your direct mail ideas do not have to be pop up products; you may prefer the ones with the same level of high interactivity and attention-grabbing qualities. The Push ‘n’ Pull for instance is very tactile and works by way of a “pulley action”; it is very entertaining the way both cards eject as you pull one side. This makes it an ideal direct mail peice for messages about expansion and growth; just as the Extender Card and Telescopic Box also lend themselves to direct mail communications about extending or additions.  A Dissolving Picture is a changing picture direct mail peice; they come in a variety of sizes and are distinctive marketing products for promotions and campaigns about change. You can create a bespoke Dissolving Picture interactive mailer for direct mail that cannot be ignored and will be shared within the working environment too. 

Creative And Interactive Mailers For Direct Mail

Captivating and great fun to design the Flicker Card direct mail products come in different sizes and have an inner section that flows through as your customer pulls the tab at the end. Keeping your customers attention these are very effective direct mail ideas and are also ideal for trade-show promotional brochures. Speaking of which the Starburst products are also very versatile, they perform well as direct mail ideas and trade-show and exhibition pieces. Starburst products are interactive mailer designs that open up with a flaunting display which is very appealing and eye-catching.  

Proven Successful Direct Mail Ideas

Marketing and Advertising campaigns which make full use of the extra OOMPH! Our range of pop up mailer products and interactive mailers promote excellent response rates when used as part of direct mail campaigns. Pop Up Cards with high interactivity and innovative displays are always a very popular choice for direct mail to give a professional and cheerful feel to your marketing messages. With lots of choice and creative designs you can make your promotional interactive or pop up mailer a memorable one. The Interloop® Mailer has proved time and time again that original and unusual direct mail ideas are the ones that generate higher response rates.  To reveal your full message the Interloop® direct mail peice has to be turned again and again which is why this clever and very distinctive produce is in the interactive mailers best-selling chart.  Doubling up as a versatile direct mail idea and a POS product is the Prism Card; it can be displayed two ways and is a very cost-effective yet efficient interactive mailer.

Make Sure That Your Direct Mail Is Actually Opened!

Companies spend fortunes on business to business direct mail. Painstaking hours are spent pouring over the details of the promotional piece. Days might be spent searching for new direct mail ideas. And at the end of it, the mailing piece is sent out in an anonymous, plain, white envelope which looks like every other piece of business mail. Does this make any sense at all? We don’t think so. Custom mailing packs add intrigue to direct mail and are much better received than plain white envelopes. It is well documented that chunky and interactive mailers generate a far greater response rate than “flat mail” and so mailing packs are definitely a good direct mail idea. There is definitely a feeling of anticipation in the air when a packet or parcel arrives with the morning mail and it is quite likely that packets will be the first items to be opened and therefore gain the lion’s share of the customer’s attention.

Direct Mail Services Also Available

We couldn’t produce all of these pop up products, interactive mailers and promotional mailing pieces without offering full direct mail services to give you the full package that you require from a supplier. We have been a mailing house for over 20 years now and not only do we specialize in hand enclosing us also offer sophisticated data processing services. If you are not familiar with the workings of direct mail and Mailsort, our estimators will be pleased to guide you through the maze! You design your interactive or pop up mailers and leave the rest to us!