How to produce Direct Mail that works...

Pop-Up Mailers belong to a category of direct mail known as Dimensional Mail. This can also be described as chunky mail but not flat like a postcard or sales letter.

Internet search results for "dimensional mail" show that nothing has a better open rate or response rate than a powerful direct mail campaign - that's because it is special. People love to open a package and are filled with anticipation to see what's inside.

According to a Direct Marketing Association Response Rate Report, dimensional mail averaged the highest response rate of any direct response medium. Some marketers report response rates of 25 to 50 percent or even higher from dimensional mail. It's hard to argue with success.

It is also well reported that dimensional mail keeps your audience involved with your marketing message longer and leaves a positive and lasting impression. The case for dimensional mail is very convincing.

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5 reasons why Pop-up Mailers generate results

If you're looking for direct mail results then Pop-Up mailers are the high-achievers. Don't just take our word for it - the results are out there on the internet and these are the reasons why:

  • 1.  A chunky pack grabs attention
  • 2.  Almost 100% open rates
  • 3.  Creates instant positive impact
  • 4.  Very high response rates
  • 5.  Leaves a lasting impression

Customer interaction is all-important in achieving direct mail success and our pop-up and interactive business communication products generate interaction in abundance.. The experience is very positive and fulfilling.

By comparison, figures available on the internet reveal the relatively poor performance of "flat mail". The DMA has stated that an average response rate for direct mail is 2.61%. Another source says that if you assume a response rate of only 2%, you might still be disappointed. Open rates have been known to be as low as 0.2%.

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Fantastic source for marketing advertising & promotional ideas

Our pop-up and interactive products are used in all kinds of promotional and marketing campaigns. You can view our full range of business marketing products on our product overview. They generate a myriad of direct mail ideas and have contributed to some of the most inspiring promotional marketing campaigns. This is borne out on our testimonials page.

Our clients heap praise on our product range and our free sample pack has been acknowledged as a brilliant box of ideas. Our customers tell us we achieve a high level of friendly customer service whilst maintaining a level of customer contact that is non-intrusive.

As much care is devoted to our products which are all printed in Lancashire and hand finished in-house. We are proud of our reputation which has spread throughout the UK and is now growing in Europe and the USA.

So wherever you are in the world we aim to provide a "local business experience" and inspire you with brilliant marketing ideas.

Look who’s talking...

"It was nice to deal with a straight-talking company who were helpful, always on-hand, delivered on time and to the highest quality possible. The pop up cubes are an ingenious design and were well received by Burger King and made a great invite, different from the normal run of the mill card."

John Lownes
Brand Ink


"I found Whitney Woods staff professional, friendly and responsive and most importantly they delivered to a very tight deadline.Their Pop-up cube was used as the invitation to the launch of the new Ramada Ireland hotel group in Dublin and Belfast. The invitation worked very well and received a lot of positive feedback from the invitees. Ramada International for the US where so impressed with the invitations they demonstrated them at a European conference in Germany."

Stephen Broad 
Account Director


"We found Whitney Woods really extremely responsive and easy to deal with. Whilst working on one of our largest client accounts we were required to manage a direct mail campaign. Our client was so pleased with the success they sent the following feedback."

"Thanks guys - just to let you know the feedback on the cube mailing is extremely good. We had anticipated a 1% response on customers signing up online. Our objective was to strive for 1.5 - 3 %, however, I think my faith in creative design is restored as we have current figures showing a 9.6% uptake on the offer with new accounts opened and being used on a regular basis."

Gemma Garrad Account Manager Be Creative Brighton