V-fold Pop Up Card With Impressive Display

Product Name: V Fold Pop Up Card
Size: The pop up in the picture is A5 size but we can make whatever size you like up to and including size A4
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk art board
Additional Info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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A 'V'-Fold Pop-up Card Gives An Impressive Display For B2B Direct Mail

The "V-fold" 3D Card is probably the most common of all cardboard engineering mechanics and there is a good reason for that. Although it is a very simple technique it gives a terrific display with a very dramatic lift. These points are vital when considering business to business direct mail ideas as they create focus and impact, drawing your customer's attention to the focal point of your business marketing promotion. The fact that the V-fold Pop Up Card is a fairly simple mechanic also helps to keep the assembly costs down for your 3D card which will also assist with your marketing budget.

V-Fold Versatility Is The Key To The Success Of This 3D Card

The V-fold Pop-up Card is created by a die-cut piece that is affixed to the left and right of the centrefold. Opening the 3D card creates the lift. However, it is the die-cut which creates the striking pop-up feature which can be in virtually any shape that you like. Your best-selling product could be a clock, a mountain bike, a tin of peas - pretty well any shape can be die-cut to create your custom shaped V-fold Pop Up Card. Simple shapes work the best, there really is no need to spend money on an intricate cutter for your 3D card business communication products as it is the lifting action which itself with focuses attention.

The 'V' Fold Pop-up Card Offers A Variety Of Effects

The V Fold Pop-up Card allows quite a few variations to create different effects. For example, the pop-up feature in this 3D card can lean forwards, backwards or it can be upright when the card is fully open. The V fold can be situated at the bottom of the centrefold or towards the top, depending on the effect that you want to create. It can be off-set from the centre to create a lean to the left or the right and there are double V-fold possibilities for more intricate effects. All-in-all, the 3D card featuring the V-Fold is a very worthwhile consideration for your business to business promotions. You can see more ideas in our business communication product overview.