3D Parallelogram Pop Up Card

Product Name: Parallelogram pop up card
Size: The pop up in the picture is A5 size but we can make whatever size you like up to and including size A4.
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk art board
Additional Info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Parallelogram Pop-up Card For Business To Business Direct Marketing

The Parallelogram Pop up Card stand-up display is one of the most popular 3D pop-up cards found in our business to business marketing products and there are very good reasons for that popularity. The main attraction, of course, is that the stand-up display of these pop up cards give immediate focus to the main point of your corporate promotional piece. This is a point that can be easily lost on a flyer, leaflet or small brochure. The main point of a business to business direct mail piece is to grab your customer's attention and to direct focus to your main selling point – 3D pop up cards are business communication products that do this wonderfully. 

The Parallelogram Pop up Card Is Creative Promotional Mail

The parallelogram stand up feature in these pop up cards is actually created by a die-cut piece that is affixed to the left and right of the centrefold by means of a connecting "bridge". Opening the 3D pop up cards creates the lift. However, it is the die-cut centre piece which creates the pop-up feature in these 3D pop up cards and this can be in virtually any shape that you like. Buildings are always popular and the parallelogram pop-up card also lends itself to settings such as room interiors. It is very popular with the construction industry, real estate agents, hotels, interior decorators and educational establishments. 

3D Pop Up Cards – Uplifting Designs

When it comes to 3D pop up cards we do advise that keeping shapes simple works the best. There is no point spending excessive money on a really intricate cutter as it is the lifting action behind the centre piece of these 3D pop up cards attracts the real attention. Our motto for the Parallelogram Pop up card is: keep it simple, keep it affordable and keep it eye-catching.