3D Pop Up Card

Product Name: Brain Aid Card
Size: The standard size is 150 x 150mm as pictured
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk art board
Additional Info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Promotional 3D Pop Up Card - The Brain Aid

This promotional 3D pop up card called a Brain Aid Card features a "trap door" device. On lifting the “trap door” the image beneath grows and you are given the impression that a lot more comes out from behind the door than you might expect. This movement in this pop up card can be the basis of some great business marketing promotions to sell the fact your company offers real value for money. The door can be positioned on the front of the pop up card or on page 3 as it is in the picture. As with many of our business communication products, we can make custom sizes of this style of promotional 3D pop up card to suit your business marketing promotion.

Pop Up Cards In Custom Styles

The Brain Aid Card is a 3D pop up card that can be customised to your requirements exactly and has even been produced as size 210 x 210mm with a bigger trap door. One successful example of this bigger size 3D pop up card featured the bottom of the window frame being shaped like long grass to enhance the effect. The graphic that was revealed was a wild jungle animal. The scope for the combination of imaginative use of die-cutting and colourful graphics on these pop up cards certainly enhance the effect of the trapdoor.

Custom Pop Up Cards For Business Marketing

Within this 3D pop up card the trap door opens and extends out, this could be ideal for a marketing idea requiring the element of surprise or an increase in size. There is also more movement than you would imagine in this 3D pop up card which makes your customer curious and want to open the door a few times which makes it a very tactile business to business communication product. Another creative marketing idea for Brain Aid pop up cards is that the trap door could be designed as a box lid or even a treasure chest lid. Other suggestions for advertising and marketing ideas: Gates, car bonnet, take the lid off, blow the lid off, crack wide open.