Below The Line Marketing Products

Product Name: Starburst
Size: Credit card, A7, A6 and A5 sizes as standard.
170mm diameter circular version also available.
Print: 4 colour process
Material: Cover is 350gsm silk art board
Starburst display is on 150gsm art paper
Additional info: Card Carrier and Bottle Hanger versions also available
Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Below The Line Direct Marketing With A Starburst

The Starburst products are available in many sizes and shapes and all have explosive folds as their key feature. Starting from as small as credit-card size, you can even have a Double Starburst to increase the interactivity of your below the line promotions. There is nothing quite like the Starburst products, especially the Circular Starburst for capturing the reader’s attention immediately and are unusual direct mail ideas.

Starburst – Perfect For Below The Line Promotions

These days digital channels have an increasing role to play in marketing projects, which is why creative and attention-grabbing below the line direct marketing is even more appreciated by your customers. These alternative business communication products are viewed as a refreshing change from e-shots. The Starburst below the line marketing products are bold and showy and a delight to receive. A popular variation is the starburst cross which opens as a big “plus” sign.

Below The Line Marketing Ideas

Clever creative professionals with a good imagination will add something extra to find the answer to your below the line marketing ideas. For example, we can make shaped covers to host your folded starburst display. If your below the line promotions require a pocket sized item and that is where a Mini-Starburst or a Double Mini Starburst comes into its own. We have also made custom designs to be included in other products such as pop-up pages. The diamond encrusted skull, for example, was included in a book.