Bottle Bows Drinks Marketing Ideas

Product Name: Bottle Bows
Size: Butterfly Bows: Wingspan display of approx 95 x 80mm with a 50mm wide collar
Flower Bows: Wingspan display of approx 100 x 90mmwith a 50mm wide collar
Heart Bow: Wingspan display of approx 75 x 80mmwith a 50mm wide collar
Star Bow: Wingspan display of approx 95 x 80mmwith a 50mm wide collar
Rosette Bow: Wingspan display of approx 90 x 90mmwith a 50mm wide collar
Teddy Bear: Wingspan display of approx 90 x 90mmwith a 50mm wide collar
Print: Digital print for smaller runs, litho print for larger runs
Material: 300-350gsm silk art board
Additional info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Dress Up Your Promotions With Bottle Bows

Something different to the norm will always catch attention and the Bottle Bows from Pop up mailers are drinks marketing ideas that dress for the occasion. Available in a variety of shapes these are stunning bottle collars for on pack promotions and you can choose the perfect one to suit your campaign. The Heart Bottle Bow for exampleis a super choice for drinks marketing ideas around Valentine's Day in February each year.

Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere Drinks Marketing Ideas 

All the Bottle Bows fit snugly around the bottle neck with the novelty shape at the front to grab attention.  The popular Teddy Bear Bows drinks marketing ideas have been successful in bottle promotions for sugar-free squash and the Flower and Butterfly Bows have a fine reputation for wine and beer bottle promotions. These novelty and eye-catching drinks marketing products really are suited to any occasion, anytime and anywhere.

Drinks Marketing Ideas And So Much More

You may not always be looking for drinks marketing ideas you may have gifts to award to your best customers or your workforce or you may simply be celebrating a company anniversary. If this is the case the Bottle Bow to choose may well be the Rosette Bow.  It has established a great reputation in the drinks marketing ideas league, having played a major role in award- winning wine and beer promotions. The Star Bow is another wise choice for gift giving projects.