Bottle Hang - Swatch Bottle Collar

Product Name: Swatch Bottle Collar
Size: Made up of five credit card sized cards approx 85x55mm, plus a sixth that is attached to the bottle hang
Print: Digital print for smaller runs, litho print for larger runs
Material: 300-350gsm silk art board
Additional info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Swatch Bottle Hang Is Pocket Sized Print For On-Bottle Promotions

Think bottle hang, think big! What if that tag was more than just a tag? What if you turned it into pocket sized print like a 'mini brochure'. Introducing the swatch bottle collar - bringing 'keepability' to on-bottle promotions. People will not only look at a swatch bottle collar – they will keep it. We have made the swatch card detachable from the bottle hang to ensure that the consumer will be encouraged to put the swatch in a pocket or handbag.

Bottle Hang And Pocket Sized Print Combo

Another Swatch Bottle Collar benefit is that it gives you so many different options. For one thing, you can vary the amount of cards in the swatch. For another, the cards can be custom shapes, there is no need for them to be rectangular, they could be square, round or an abstract shape. The size of bottle tag is limited only by the size of the bottle and your arrangement with the packers and with the supermarkets.

Swatch Bottle Collar Offers Lots Of Room For Information

Swatch card bottle hangers are attractive to the consumer because they offer an interactive way of looking at the cards. The fan action is a satisfying thing and the cards also feel good in your hand. This is a massive plus for use as a bottle hang. It allows you to grow brand awareness and it authenticates your offer as the swatch itself feels substantial. The print area is a massive improvement on standard bottle promotions.