Bottle Hangs In Foldilocks Style

Product Name: Bottle Foldilocks (first 'gallery' image)
Size: 137 x 53mm when closed (including the big hole) opens to 83 x 445mm
Print: Digital print for smaller runs, litho print for larger runs
Material: 300-350gsm silk art board
Additional info: Minimum order quantity 250 units
Product Name: Bottle Roll Fold (second 'gallery' image)
Size: 150 x 55mm when closed and extends to 560mm when fully opened
Print: Digital print for smaller runs, litho print for larger runs
Material: 300-350gsm silk art board
Additional info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Bottle Hangs For On-Bottle Promotions – Bottle Foldilocks

Bottle hangs for on-bottle promotions usually one-off deals with little opportunity to build drinks brand loyalty or to stretch an offer out over a period of weeks – after all, how much information can you get on one bottle hanger? And who is going to carry clumsy bottle hangs around with them in their purse or pocket long enough to redeem the voucher. An ideal product would build the brand, encourage drinks brand loyalty and would encourage repeat sales over a measurable period whilst also eventually saving time and effort by reducing the need for a series of drinks promotions. Now there is an option in our bottle tags range that has not previously been presented for on-bottle – the Bottle Foldilocks card and Bottle Roll Fold.

Foldilocks Bottle Hangs Add Authenticity And Professionalism

Use bottle hangs that promote authenticity, professionalism and information – these are three important factors affecting the success of any special drinks offer particularly when a big prize is on offer. These days, everyone is aware that you don’t get something for nothing and so it is important to make your target audience feel reassured that your drinks promotion is the real deal and that they must be in it to win it. That means that your bottle hangs have to go the extra mile. A simple bottle hanger is OK for a low value special offer but the chance of winning a Caribbean Holiday requires more. The ideal situation is that you combine the offer with an opportunity to extend your brand. The Bottle Foldilocks fits the bill on all counts – it is substantial, it feels good and it adds authenticity to your drinks promotion.  Bottle Roll Fold is another equally suitable alternative for marketing wine, spirits, beer or even soft drinks.

Bottle Foldilocks Offer A Generous Print Area – That’s The Pocket / Bottle Hangs Combo

The Bottle Foldilocks bottle hang is attractive to the consumer because it is instantly recognisable the mini brochure within offers an interactive way of looking at your information. The concertina fold is a satisfying thing and the Foldilocks product also feels good in your hand. This is a massive plus when considering bottle hangs. It allows you to grow your brand and it authenticates your offer as the Bottle Foldilocks itself feels substantial. The print area of offer is a massive increase on standard bottle promotions.

Bottle Hanger With Substance - Bottle Roll Fold

The success of any on-bottle promotion lies in the ability of the bottle media to attract the attention of the drinks consumer and to hold that attention. Inevitably that means that a level of interaction has to be built into the bottle media product. It is definitely not enough for your target audience to just glance at the bottle promotion before throwing it in the bin along with the foil cap cover. Your bottle hangs must feel like an actual product and not like a tab or a little leaflet. These items are all too often seen as just throwaway items of packaging. With the bottle roll fold hanger, however, the bottle promotion is a substantial item and that increases the perception of importance. One of the main reasons for developing our bottle tags range was to improve the quality of bottle promotions and to increase the presence on supermarket shelves.

Bottle Roll Fold Has Plenty Of Print Area

Another beauty of the Bottle Roll Fold bottle hanger is that it has a large print area – equivalent to six credit cards. This is approximately six times greater than any standard single bottle hangs. Think how that extra space can change the nature of your bottle promotion. The Bottle Roll Fold Hanger brings an excellent opportunity to extend your brand or widen your drinks promotion.

Bottle Foldilocks And Bottle Roll Fold Hangers Can Extend The Life Of Your Promotion To Build Brand Loyalty

Each card in the Bottle Roll Fold and Bottle Foldilocks are perforated so they can be easily detached from the pack. This makes them ideal bottle hangs for offers bearing drinks coupons and vouchers where each can be redeemed over a period of time. This brings the added attraction of being able to extend the promotion over a period of time to help to boost your brand awareness campaign.