Bottle Neck Tags - Luvvy Label

Product Name: Luvvy Label bottle tag
Size: Collar is 50mm wide and the love heart shape is 65 x 60mm
Print: Digital print for smaller runs, litho print for larger runs
Material: 300-350gsm silk art board
Additional info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Bottle Neck Tags Offer High Visibility

Try bottle neck tags for retail drink promotions. When you are confronted with row after row of bottles in your supermarket’s wines and spirits section what makes any one bottle stand out above the rest? Could it be a bottle with an unusual shape or one with a brighter coloured top or unusual label? There are so many design variations and each drinks manufacturer is hoping that their bottle says “Buy me”. So with all this going on, how do you make an on-bottle promotion stand out? We say that you need to make a bold statement and choose wine bottle neck tags that simply cannot be missed when scanning the shelves. One such item in our bottle tags range is our Luvvy Label bottle tag. It has a very bold collar and a love heart shape that stands proud of the bottle achieving high visibility.

Wine Bottle Neck Tags With Simple Wrap Round Design

This bottle neck tag was inspired by the restaurant industry. You will be familiar with wine waiters who are very talented in using folding to affix a paper napkin to the neck of the bottle in the wine bucket. We have taken the same concept and the fact that the bottle collar isn’t fastened permanently with glue gives it the flexibility to fit different sizes and shapes of bottles whilst still giving an excellent display for your bottle promotion. The Luvvy Label bottle tag is supplied to you ready folded and packed flat and ready to be placed directly onto the bottle neck to form an attractive and distinctive display. It is also a simple matter for the consumer to be able to remove the Luvvy Label wine bottle neck tags intact once the shopping has been taken home. This allows the details on the reverse of the bottle collar to be read clearly and without and tearing. The Luvvy Label style bottle neck tags will also work on plastic bottle with spray handles in the same way as the Collar and Tie, for example.

Luvvy Label Bottle Tag – Neck Tag For Bottles

Neck tags are a familiar sight on wines and spirits bottles on our supermarket shelves but from the point of view of the promoter, but have they become too familiar? We asked local supermarkets shoppers if they remembered seeing promotional items on bottle necks. Of those who said that they remembered seeing wine bottle neck tags, none remembered anything specific about any one of the bottle neck tags – not the promotion and not the brand. They all said that the tags were shaped like a gift tag – sort of credit card shaped. We wonder if they might have remembered a neck tag if it had been shaped in a style to echo the promotion.  Maybe the response would have been different if they had used something like our Luvvy Label bottle tag for marketing wine.

Shaped Bottle Neck Tags Can Attract More Attention

Our bottle tags can be made in custom shapes to match the theme of your promotion and this is something that we actively encourage. We believe that adding a touch of creativity and imagination makes the bottle tag more noticeable and helps to make your bottle promotion into a success. There is a limit to how far you should go with the intricacy of the shape of your wine bottle neck tags although our advice is to keep things fairly simple but very eye-catching.