Brand Awareness, Product Launch Promotion And Corporate Identity Campaigns

When running a brand awareness campaign or a product launch promotion via direct marketing it is vitally important that the brand awareness marketing products are in keeping with the brand identity. However, it is equally important that the marketing campaign hits home and to do that the promotional mailer has to stand out from the crowd. The Whitney Woods range of pop up mailers offers a large and varied choice of printed promotional products which are suitable for corporate identity and product branding when marketing business to business. The Whitney Woods range of products is suitable for consideration for many aspects of corporate branding or new product promotion. For example - as handouts at an event, for inclusion in a direct marketing campaign, as invitations to an event as part of a new launch special offer promotion and so on.

One vitally important consideration is that the chosen vehicle absolutely must grab the attention of your customers in order to give the corporate identity promotion a chance to succeed. The product at the heart of the launch or brand awareness campaign will dictate the style of the advertising piece.

Promotional Shape To Reflect Your Brand Awareness Campaign

Our range of automatic pop up products comes in many shapes and sizes and it could be that the shape is an integral part of your brand awareness campaign. The many shapes and sizes of the pop up mailers makes it easy to choose one of these promotional items for business that fits your requirements perfectly.  The Pop Up Ball, Pop Up Cube and Pop Up Cuboid are the most popular choice for business to business direct mail marketing, however the more unusual Pop Up Pyramid and Pop Up Gem Shapes may well meet your exact criteria more.  Giving your brand awareness, product launch or product promotion a comforting edge are the Pop Up House and Pop Up Castle; and of course you can even add extra shine with a Pop Up Lantern.

Any direct mail marketing piece should make your customer sit up and take notice and if the mailer could also double as something that might remain on your customer’s desk then you have got a real winner. Many of the pop up products can have pen holes, a printed calendar or even a coin slot - their additional use as a pen holder, calendar or money box gives these company promotional products an extra “keepability” element. Here at we even have a Power Pen Pal which is a pop up pen pot; an instant gift full of surprise to enhance promotional activities such as brand development and product news campaigns. The Jumpinjax has four pop-up cubes that leap from the outer cover on opening; it is a quirky pop up mailer and ideal for communications about branding products. Company promotional gifts such as these are the perfect choice if you need a “sit up and take notice” invitation to a product launch event too.

Promote Your Corporate Brand Awareness Campaign And Corporate Identity

Corporate identity as opposed to product identity can pose a problem that perhaps requires a more subtle answer. In such instances a product that not quite as “in your face” as a Pop-up Cube might be more appropriate as a vehicle for corporate branding publicity. And yet the product must still grab the attention of your customer and remain head and shoulders above leaflets and small brochures in order to bring success to your corporate brand development campaign. Interactive mailers are ideal for achieving maximum attention. An Interloop® Mailer is a teasing idea, rotating and turning to reveal your message and an ideal choice for brand awareness promotions. The Fortune Teller is another fun fold product with a nostalgic twist that captures attention for business to business branding. Another firm favourite for corporate identity campaigns is our Starburst fun folding product range. This corporate branding product stands alone as an impressive piece of paper folding technology but when a silk or matt laminate is added to the cover the product takes on a whole new “executive” feel. Other quality finishes such as UV spot varnish only add to the exclusivity of the product making a perfect choice to show off corporate branding and to boost a brand awareness campaign. The Starburst products come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with different numbers of pages being available. This means that the corporate branding message can be short and to the point or it can be wordy and carry lots of images to promote a business.

Sophisticated Product Launch Promotion Appeals To Management Levels

Our Push’n’Pull product has a very sophisticated movement that appeals to management level customers in particular which makes it a good choice for corporate branding. This marketing promotion product is offered in three sizes – A6, A5 and 1/3 A4 – and as a single sleeve or as a four-page option. The main attraction is that you pull out a card from the foot of the sleeve and as if by magic, another card appears simultaneously from the top of the card. Push the original card back in and the other card disappears at the same time. This promotional printed product is popular for either a product launch promotion or a brand awareness campaign. The Sideshooter is a similar product; in this case both arms extend simultaneously when it is removed from the mailer. Extending products are very absorbing for the reader and for your new product launch or brand development you may like to consider the Extender Card or Telescopic Box. Both these 'corporate gifts' are ideal to carry messages about extension, expansion, and growth. The Telescopic Box extends to almost 720 mm in length which gives you a massive print area to work with for your corporate identity advertising. The Zing Thing is a very amusing idea for product news marketing.  As your customer pulls a card out it springs back in again; this makes it very interactive and creates a talking point too.

Bespoke Pop-up Cards Create A Unique Corporate Branding Opportunity

Corporate branding can be a very personal affair inasmuch as the corporate MD will identify with the brand awareness campaign in a much more personal way than would be the case with, say, a retail branded product. With that in mind, a totally unique bespoke product to promote a brand might tickle the ego, whilst still performing equally as well as some of the aforementioned promotional products in a corporate branding campaign.

The business to business marketing products that usually fits this corporate identity awareness specification are promotional 3D pop-up cards where the pop-up in the centrefold is in the shape of the head office building or corporate logo. Point of sale product marketing is made simple with the 3D Prism Card; this is a business promotion product that can be displayed “tent style” or as a traditional table talker and is a very distinctive shape for new product launch marketing.  The Tent Topper is erected in seconds and also ideal for POS, table and counter-top advertising.  Both products are also suited to business to business direct mail marketing – interactive mailers that arrive flat and are assembled in seconds and then sit on a desk or work station enhancing your product launch promotion for a long time.  

Pictures That Change Tell Product Marketing Story Line

We have a range of promotional mailers which we call Picture Dissolves which do a perfect job of telling a “before and after” story. Each product has a window on the cover. Pull a tab and the picture in the window dissolves into a new picture. The Picture Dissolves have proved to be successful interactive mailers when used in new product launch advertising. They come in various formats and sizes which increases their versatility as product marketing tools for the best marketing campaigns to promote your business. Another attention-grabbing product with changing pictures is our Flicker Card which is an extremely tactile product. Pull a tab and pages turn in quick succession to give the appearance of moving pictures. Flicker Cards have been produced in three sizes and usually have just six flick-over pages but the piece has plenty of room for product marketing messages and is most suitable brand awareness campaign and product launch promotion direct marketing.

Pocket-sized Product – Carry And Keep Product News

Initially designed mainly for tourism and venue guides the pocket-sized products have had a phenomenal reception and have now become leaders in business marketing in brand awareness campaign advertising and product launch promotion.  The reason they are so popular is that they are compact yet host a lot of information and they can be carried and kept for future reference.  The U Card and Hidden Book are both very tactile products. Very clever folding is the key feature with these products; they have an almost magical and ever-expanding and changing brand marketing message for your customer. The Carry and Keep and Little Big Card are two products that open up to reveal so much information on two sides of an inner sheet that they really are mini reference books. Whatever your promotional campaign, both have plenty of room for product news, brand development and corporate branding opportunities.

Should you wish to issue loyalty coupons and reward vouchers then the Foldilocks Card is a must! Branding products which offer incentives for a product launch promotion or brand awareness campaign are a valuable asset to your advertising and the Foldilocks Card is essential for any business promotions including corporate identity and brand integrity marketing.

Face Masks For Fun Corporate Branding

For an eye-catching corporate identity marketing campaign the Face Mask is a winner every time.  You can easily encourage brand development by designing a promotional Face Mask as a major part of your brand awareness campaign. Ideal for indoor and outdoor events, trade show and exhibitions your Face Mask will soon be topic of conversation and part of your overall brand identity. You can even add a touch of humour to your product launch promotion; something to make your customers smile is always memorable.