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Pop-Up Mailers – Business Communication Products in Custom Made Mailing Packs

pop up cubesOur Business communication products are widely known as pop up mailers. Why did we pick the name “pop-up mailers” – in fact, what are pop-up mailers? Well, we started this business marketing range by making automatic, rubber-band-powered pop-up products – pop-up cubes, pop-up balls, pop-up houses and pop-up pyramids. Everyone referred to these business communication products as simply 'pop-ups'. Right from the start, we produced these pop-ups with their own custom-printed mailing sleeves, envelopes or mailing packs as our customers wanted to use them for business-to-business direct mail. The mailing packs started to be called mailers and then the pop-ups started to be called pop-up mailers. So there you go.

Promotional Mailers and Business to Business Direct Marketing

interactive marketing productsA lot of our clients use our pop-up mailers in business to business communications or B2B direct marketing campaigns and this is testament to the success rates of what is known in the US as dimensional marketing coupled with the elements that the pop-up action brings to the direct marketing campaign. The fact that our automatic pop-up products come with their own mailing pack places the product miles ahead of a plain white envelope in the B2B direct marketing stakes. A custom printed pack is a much more attractive proposition than a plain envelope and so is opened with eager anticipation. The fact that what follows brings the elements of fun, surprise, and interaction makes a winning combination for our pop-up interactive mailers with cardboard engineering.

Promotional Pen Holders add Value for Money to Pop-up Mailers

promotional pen holdersOur automatic pop-up mailers are known to bring fantastic success rates to B2B Direct Marketing campaigns. The bespoke mailing pack of these business communication products stand out in the morning’s pile of limp white envelopes and attracts the attention of your customer. Because the mailing pack looks as if it might contain a gift or a freebie the pack is opened with keen anticipation. The pop-up action of the promotional product carries the positive qualities of fun, surprise, interaction and curiosity and will hold the attention of your customer for long enough for the business marketing promotion to start to register. You might think, “Job done!” but why stop there? Many of our automatic pop-up mailers can be supplied as desk top pen holders, desk calendars or collection boxes for exactly the same price as a standard pop-up. That means that your promotional pop-up pen holder provides the attention-grabbing impact to make your promotion a success but it continues to work for you by revealing your promotional message every time your customer reaches across the desk for a pen. This represents brilliant value for money – pop-up mailers as pen holders are a perfect way to extend your B2B marketing campaign.

When is a Pop-up Mailer not a Pop-up Mailer?

pocket sized productsWhen is a pop-up mailer not a pop-up mailer? The answer is when the pop-up business communication product is not used as a mailer. You see, as our business marketing range has grown, the name of pop-up mailers might now seem a bit odd as we know that so many of these promotional products are not used as mailers at all. For instance we have a whole range of Bottle Tags and Hotel Supplies that have nothing at all to do with direct mail or B2B promotions. Most of the products in our pocket sized print Mini Brochure range are used as handouts or giveaways at product launch events and exhibitions. We have face masks and parking discs which don’t even pop-up! So, what should the domain name be?

Business Marketing Products with Pop-up Action and Interactive Movement

direct marketing productsHow about this for a suggestion for a domain name – promotional business marketing products with pop-up action and interactive movement that are made for direct mail and sometimes for hanging on bottles or sticking on the dashboard of your car dot com? Just a tad long-winded, perhaps? However, the name of promotional business marketing products might have been appropriate but the domain names had long since been snapped up. Even that name doesn’t suit everyone’s description of what we make – business communication products, promotional products, business marketing products, publicity products, advertising products, direct marketing products and direct mail products are other popular descriptions of the same stuff!

However, we do know that our products are used for a myriad of business marketing applications and that they are included in a vast array of promotional, marketing, advertising and direct marketing campaigns so we think that it is fair to call most of the range promotional marketing products – and that includes the bottle media products.

A Source For Business Communication Ideas

Our research shows that there are just as many visitors to our site who come searching for ideas rather than looking for something specific. Funnily enough, these visitors are all searching for the same thing – they are all looking for “something different”. Unfortunately for us, the “something different” domain names had also been snapped up long ago. However, for marketing professionals on the lookout for something different when it comes to business communication products, this is the place to be. Our website is awash with marketing ideas and marketing suggestions. The name of the product, the action of the pop-up, the style of the interactive movement and even the size of the product can suggest something that offers that creative spark that grows into a brilliant marketing idea. With that in mind, maybe we should have called the site, “Brilliant Ideas” but that domain name had gone, too. So, regardless of the fact that you might not be looking for a pop-up mailer, this is where you look for inspiration.

Christmas Advertising and Alternative Ideas for Company Christmas cards

Christmas marketing productsChoosing what to send as a Business to Business marketing product at Christmas can be a problem. The choice of corporate Christmas cards for example seems as if it has all been seen before. So where do you go? Well, the Whitney Woods range offers many marketing ideas and solutions to Christmas marketing problems including the production of bespoke pop-up cards for Christmas.

The thousands of marketing people who have received our sample box are absolutely amazed at the array of new Christmas advertising and marketing products and marketing ideas that they are seeing for the very first time! Our range of Christmas marketing products is promotional print with a Wow factor to make sure that your Christmas promotion stands out from the crowd.

We have a site devoted to products which offer lots of marketing ideas that are particularly suited to providing Christmas marketing and advertising solutions.

Marketing Ideas And Business Advertising Uses

Our pop ups and promotional marketing products are different. Coupled with your imaginative use of graphics to bolster your creative business advertising and marketing ideas, our range of business advertising products can produce quite startling results. The key is that people just can’t put them down. Promotional pop-up products stay on desks for months – even years. They get passed around the office. At trade shows, everyone wants one. Delegates take them back to the office from conferences and corporate hospitality events. Response rates are shown to be significantly higher.

And all because of the mix of your creative business advertising and marketing ideas and our happy knack of supplying the right interactive promotional product. 

Paper Engineering and Cardboard Engineering

pop-up cardsWhitney Woods owes a large part of the success of its range of promotional marketing products to the imaginative use of very basic paper engineering and cardboard engineering techniques. However, we have adopted a common-sense approach to all pop-up products in the range which is keep it simple - keep it affordable.

The vast majority of our cardboard engineered products are supplied exactly as seen within these web pages but we do produce bespoke cardboard engineering to match your creative marketing ideas, usually in the manufacture of promotional 3D pop up cards. Producing pop-up marketing products for commercial use as we do precludes the use of very intricate pop-up mechanisms as the costs of hand assembly would become prohibitive. We are proud of the fact that all of our business communication products are hand made in the UK by skilled local labour. Nothing is farmed out to foreign parts and we do not take advantage of or exploit cheap labour.

Sample Pack Full Of Business Marketing Ideas

Our website is here for everyone to see but in particular we hope to attract enquiries from legitimate businesses looking for promotional marketing solutions. Creative directors, graphic designers and account directors in ad agencies are regular visitors to the site looking for marketing ideas or for new promotional ideas involving innovative promotional print. Our bumper sample pack is an absolute must for members of the advertising and marketing fraternity. It is packed full of business marketing ideas for direct mail, creative business communication ideas, fresh ideas for event exhibition handouts and wacky ideas for event marketing!

You will not find a better pack of popup products in the UK  - it is the ultimate pack of business advertising ideas!

Events Products - Pop-up Products and Ideas for Events Marketing

events productWe keep a close eye on the information that our customers print on our products in order to find out exactly how the  products are used In business communications and marketing. There are many different applications but one branch of promotional use seems to stand out and that is the events business. The attention-grabbing nature of our range of pop-up and interactive products such as the Push’n’pull, for example, makes them absolutely perfect as event marketing materials or trade show invites. Ever-popular automatic pop-ups such as the Jumpinjax, Pop-up Pyramid, Pop-up House and Pop Up Box are ideal as exhibition invitations, event invites and tradeshow giveaways and more specific pop-ups such as the Pop-up Handbags can provide extra focus. The Starburst family lends itself to being used for plans, instructions, directions and the Tripleburst in particular makes a terrific mini exhibition guide. Pocket sized print products such as the Foldilocks card are great as exhibition handouts and also as conference agendas.

In order to help events professionals to find exactly what they are looking for and to match their events marketing ideas we have selected certain products for their eminent suitability for use as events publicity products based on our monitoring exercise. We have called this selection Event Marketing.

New Business Marketing Ideas and New Striking Designs for Bottle Collars

Promotional Bottle CollarsA true bottle collar looks like a collar and wraps all the way around the neck of a bottle - not unlike a scarf around your own neck. We have come up with some new ideas and have exploited this design aspect to enable us to offer a range of new bottle tags that offer extremely striking displays. The formats are quite diversified with very attractive examples such as Butterfly Bows; bold examples such as the Bottle Banners and others combining versatility and simplicity with a very distinctive display like the Collar and Tie and the Bottle Balls