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Product Name: Zing Thing
Size: The sleeve measures 200 x 90 x 5mm, but when you pull out the sliding piece it extends to 325mm
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 500micron box board
Additional Info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Business Posctards That Stand Out

The Zing Thing business postcards are a highly interactive direct mail idea with loads of Oomph! With these unusual marketing postcards you are invited to pull a card out of a sleeve, however as soon as you let go of the extender card it “zings” back inside the sleeve with a resounding crack. This makes Zing Thing very effective as business postcards; they capture attention and will be picked up again and again due to its entertaining qualities,

Interactive Marketing Postcard

Our marketing postcards called the Zing Thing certainly live up to their name. By pulling the extender out of the sleeve then letting go it “zings” back in again.  These business postcards are interactive mailers that your customers simply can’t put down! The Zing Thing product was initially developed for a customer who wanted something to retract like a metal tape measure. Whilst that project never got off the ground the concept for an attention-grabbing alternative marketing postcard design was just too good to let go to waste.

Amusing And Unusual Marketing Postcard

Marketing postcards of this calibre will certainly attract attention and promote increased response rates. If you need inspiration for your design here are a few words which might just spark off some creative marketing ideas for the Zing Thing: retreat; retract; revert; reverse; contract; run away; hide; hermit; conceal; hiding place; hide and seek; speedy; inside; pull; pull out; extract; force; magnetism; magnetic. The Zing Thing business marketing product also creates a talking point as a trade show give-away or an event invitation.