Business To Business Branding Promotions

Product Name: Fortune Teller 
Size: 200 x 200mm when open
100 x 50mm when assembled and folded flat.
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 115gsm Splendorgel
Additional info: Can be supplied:-
ready assembled and stacked in towers,
ready assembled and supplied folded flat, or
as a flat sheet with instruction sheet 210 x 100mm
Minimum order quantity 250 units


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Business To Business Branding Using Promotional Fortune Teller

Try business to business branding using our promotional Fortune Teller. This promotional idea harks back to playground fun with a folded piece of paper that you moved up and back and side to side. Well here it is again, only this time it is for business to business branding and promotional fun! We call it a Fortune Teller but it is also known as a Cootie Catcher. So if for your next marketing campaign you need branded promotional products to be amusing and efficient yet still remain cost effective I predict that this is the one for you.

Branded Promotional Products – Folding Fun Fortune Teller

There are two options for the Fortune Teller to be mailed or issued; It can be supplied flat and ready for your customer to fold or already folded by hand and ready to use – either way you still get a sheet of instructions to show how to use the branded promotional products! Our experience shows us that the Fortune Teller grabs attention for business to business branding campaigns. Popular as branded promotional products, Fortune Tellers are also great as event marketing products and can be designed as handouts at exhibitions, conferences and as trade show giveaways. Fortune Tellers can also used as an interactive invitations to corporate events.

Amusing Business To Business Branding Products

Your business to business branding message is revealed as you move the product up and down and back and forth. It is a super idea to make your marketing fun to maintain the highest level of interest. To make the most of the Fortune Tellers as branded promotional products you might want to think carefully about the information that is printed under the flap. Whilst your customer might have a flush of nostalgia when assembling the product it is important that the good feeling is carried on to actual usage. Try to make messages amusing or curious to ensure that your customer not only assembles it but also shows others in the office too enabling your brand awareness campaign to go further.