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Promotional Direct Mailing Services from Whitney Woods

Whitney Woods' OfficeIn the mid 1980s, the Woods half of Whitney Woods started a B2B Mailing House called Bank Street Marketing based in Rawtenstall, Lancashire. When the company of Whitney Woods was formed in 1992 the mailing house continued to service the same customers and has added many more since then.

Like the production of pop-ups and interactive mailers, the mailing services that we offer are all done by hand, too. The very nature of B2B mailing means that there are often multiple inserts and many are bulky items which are not suitable for inserting into envelopes by mechanical means. There is often a lot of name and address matching to be done with individual items being personalized and this cannot be done mechanically.

Use our B2B Mailing House to guarantee the best pop-up action

Many of our own products have to be hand-inserted, too, because of the way that they are folded or because they have rubber bands inside or because they are too bulky for a machine to handle. There are also benefits to your promotion if you mail your Whitney Woods marketing products from here – particularly those with automatic rubber-band pop-up action. As soon as they are made, the automatic pop-up can be compressed, put into the mailing envelope and dispatched to your customers via Royal Mail. This ensures that they are as fresh as possible when they are delivered which guarantees that your customer experiences the very best pop-up effect possible.

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Whitney Woods' OfficeWe call our B2B direct mailing house Whitney Woods - Mail By Hand and on the website we describe all the promotional direct mailing services that are on offer. We have clients throughout the UK who use our services to mail marketing products that we have produced on their behalf but we also invite new clients who want to use us solely as a mailing house. New mailing house clients often tend to be situated fairly close by in neighbouring Lancashire towns such as Burnley, Blackburn. Preston, Bury, Rochdale and Bolton but we do have quite a number of regular clients throughout the UK.