Gift Card Carrier with Extending Pocket

Product Name: Extending Card Carrier
Size: Finished size approx 125 x 66mm
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk art board
Additional Info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Gift Card Carrier with Smooth Extending Pocket

This gift card carrier has a simple but satisfying feel to it. The card is hidden away within a sleeve and is accessed by way of a smooth sliding card holder pocket which extends from within the outer gift card sleeve. This not only offers an attractive packaging solution but it also protects any magnetic strip which might be on the card and keeps it safe, making it an ideal choice as a hotel key card holder, for example.

Card Holder Pockets For Membership, Loyalty And Incentive Cards

This simple card holder pocket is very versatile. A gift card presentation pack which has a quality feel about it which can only add to the perception that the card held within has a high and prestigious value. These qualities are extremely important to anyone wishing to present their card as being a cut above the rest. It is suitable for a wide variety of cards such as membership cards, smart cards,  reward cards, discount cards, telecomm cards, privilege cards, loyalty cards, incentive cards, hotel key cards and gift cards.

Quality Card Carriers add focus to branded Gift cards

There are many benefits to using Gift Card Holders. These unique packaging solutions not only enhance the gift card experience but they also help to focus the purchaser's attention on your brand. This will encourage the incidence of impulse gift card buying which will have the added effect of increasing gift card sales and gift card profits.

The focus on your brand is all-important and our card holder pockets can only help in this quest whether it is designed to hold a loyalty card, a key cards, an incentive card or a gift card. We also offer an alternative style which features a starburst fold.