Charities Marketing Power Pen Calendar

Product Name: Power Pen Pal
Size: Flat: 150mm x 165mm. Formed: Outside diameter of hexagonal base 100mm x 140mm high
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 500micron box board
Additional Info: Powered by an internal rubber band each power pen pal customized desk calendar is supplied with its own custom mailer called a zippalope.
Minimum order quantity 250 units

Rubber bands do not retain their full elasticity if stored at full stretch. The rubber band in this product is at full stretch when the product is stored flat. We advise that you plan to distribute the product within days of its manufacture in order to get the most effective pop-up.

If this does not suit your marketing plans then call us to discuss the best way forward.

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Fund Raising Supplies - Desk-top Novelty Items

All charity supplies and fund raising supplies need extra creativity to encourage regular donations.  By using Power Pen Calendars you can add prestige to your charity marketing campaign and capture attention immediately. The product is sent in a customised mailer which stands out amongst the rest of the post. When opened the Power Pen Calendar bounces into life and is always a surprise, this creates a talking point and full focus on your charitable cause.

Powerful Charity Supplies

Add extra weight to charities marketing with the Power Pen Calendar; a clever item that should be part of all fundraising supplies. Quite often personalised pens are a large part of charity supplies to increase awareness so why not send a pen pot to put them in as well as the pen? Adding a printed calendar and highlighting any significant fundraising dates is a good idea for charities marketing too.

Charities Marketing Publicise On A Daily Basis

When looking to source charity supplies you should consider that promotional desk-top products will sit on a desk for a very long time such as desktop pen holders. Design your promotion as a desk calendar and you know that you have at least twelve months exposure, although often much longer. Effective campaigns need the Power Pen Calendars as part of their fundraising supplies along with the raffle tickets.  A twelve-month schedule is often prepared and by making a focal point of all the significant dates this custom printed and energetic charities marketing product will draw attention to all occasions.