Charity Campaign With Interloop®

Product Name: InterloopMailer®
Size: 120mm, 150mm, 170mm and 210mm square as standard.
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 300gsm silk art board
Additional info: Designed and patented by Graham Shapiro Design, proudly produced by Whitney Woods Ltd
Minimum order quantity 500 units

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Charity Marketing With The Distinctive Interloop® Mailer

To grab attention to any charity campaign or appeal you need a product to deliver your message in a novel way.  The Interloop® is a product has to be turned and turned again and again which is fascinating and will make the task of charity direct mail marketing so much easier.  With good graphics the Interloop is a joy to both send and receive.

Add An Extra Dimension To Your Charity Campaign

With the Interloop® Mailer you guarantee to obtain good exposure and excellent donations. The baffling and puzzling design makes it a “can't put down” product that highlights your charity direct marketing easily.  Win your potential donors over immediately and your charity marketing is bound to be a success,

Powerful Charity Direct Marketing Product

Powerful and captivating business marketing products work much better for a charity campaign. A boring flat letter can be discarded in seconds, but an Interloop® Mailer is an entertaining and powerful form of charity marketing. This is an item that will be shown to family, friends and colleagues which is perfect for extending your overall exposure too.