Extending Corporate Gifts

Product Name: Telescopic Box with mailing wrap
Size: The mailing pack measures 210 x 100 x 24mm
The fully expanded box grows to 720mm in length.
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 500micron box board
Additional info: Telescopic box comes with its own bespoke mailing envelope (see video)
Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Marketing Your Business With Chunky Mail

Marketing your business with the Telescopic Box achieves full attention immediately on receipt due to the customer interaction required to extend the product fully which is 720 mm in length. Chunky mail always stands out in your customers’ mail tray, and the Telescopic Boxes look more like corporate gifts than regular business direct mail products. Can you imagine their surprise when they open your customised telescopic box and discover that it is actually a box within a box?  

Corporate Gifts Create Marketing Opportunities

What better way of marketing your business than with a small sample or a small chocolate to create a memorable experience when opened? There is also an opportunity for you to include a small sample or even small corporate gifts in your Telescopic Box because the end box actually is a box. Quite often the Telescopic Box is designed as corporate gifts to promote brand awareness at trade shows and exhibitions.

Interactive Promotion For Marketing Your Business

When marketing your business, another important factor to consider is the amount of print area. This is why the expanding corporate gifts Telescopic Boxes are a really attractive proposition to anyone with a big promotional message. This exciting product offers a new slant on versatility being especially suitable for themes of growth whilst also being effective in making a really big impact.