Cost Effective Marketing Promotions

High Response, Interactive Marketing Products for less than the cost of a Birthday Card

Every product in our range of interactive marketing products is custom printed to your requirements and then made by hand right here in Lancashire and yet they cost less than you will pay for a fairly ordinary birthday card! You might wonder why we use the example of a birthday card. Well, it’s the most commonly purchased item that we could think of that is made out of similar materials to our own products and yet in most instances it’s nothing more than a piece of card folded in half. By contract, our products carry bespoke print; they are hand made and do all kinds of weird and wonderful things to make your customers take notice.

Inexpensive Marketing Products? Right on your customer’s desk for less than 2p per week!!!

The most popular order from our customers is for quantities of between 1000 – 5000 interactive marketing products. In this spread of quantities you can buy any product in our range for less than £2.00. Some are less than 50p each; most are less than £1.00. Let’s say that your requirement was for desktop advertising. You could print a calendar on your product or make it into a pen holder. Both ideas could easily give your pop-up a 12-month lifespan on your customer’s desk at a cost of less than 2p per week. That is incredible value for money.  

Which Marketing Products are the most expensive and which are the cheapest?

Three major factors govern the cost of our products. The size of the product’s component parts govern how many we can print on a sheet of board. The more complete products we can fit on a sheet, the cheaper the cost of the print run. Certain products are printed on one side of the sheet only whilst others are printed on both sides. Double-sided print costs more than single sided. And last, but certainly not least, some products are relatively simple to assemble whilst others take a long time. Those that are the most time-consuming to assemble cost more than the easier ones. For example, a straight forward A6 sized picture dissolver is printed on one side and is fairly straight-forward to assemble. It costs less than and 85mm pop-up cube which is also printed on one side only but we can fit fewer on the sheet and the hand-assembly is more difficult. However, an 85mm pop-up cube costs less than a flicker card which is printed on both sides and is a fairly complicated hand-assembly process. And so it goes.

Everything is By hand – No Machine Assembly

Even when we receive orders for large quantities – and we have made many orders in excess of 100,000 – everything is still made by hand here in Lancashire. We insist on keeping full control over the quality of your product. We don’t farm out our work to desperate printers bidding prices at less than cost just to keep their machines running. We don’t bring in cheap labour or make cash payments to outworkers. We don’t send work overseas to take advantage of low cost labour.

And yet we can still make everything in our range for less than the cost of a boring birthday card!