Pop Up Cube Money Box

Product Name: Pop-Up Cube Collection box
Size: 75 x 75 x 75mm | 85 x 85 x 85mm | 95 x 95 x 95mm | 120 x 120 x 120mm
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 500micron box board
Additional Info: Powered by an internal rubber band, each pop up Cube is supplied with its own custom mailer called a wrap
Minimum order quantity 250 units

Rubber bands do not retain their full elasticity if stored at full stretch. The rubber band in this product is at full stretch when the product is stored flat. We advise that you plan to distribute the product within days of its manufacture in order to get the most effective pop-up.

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Collection Boxes For Charity Benefit From Eye-Catching Pop-up Action

Charitable organisations need to keep people aware of their need for contributions, and with the eye-catching Pop-up Cube charity collection box you can highlight your campaign in an unusual and creative way.  Collection boxes for charity marketing are part of everyday life now and often can be ignored because we are so busy.  That is why a Pop-up Cube charity box works so well for you when marketing your charity or cause. 

Novelty Marketing With A Charity Box

Advertising companies can use a charity collection box as a form of tactical marketing. Sending a Pop-up Cube as a direct mail piece with the company details on but adding a coin slot and inviting customers to “save up” in the office until full and then donate to their chosen local charity. This way the collection boxes for charity sit on your customers’ desk and are filled to the brim and donated to a charity of choice.  Good news for the charity and good news for your marketing campaign.

Collection Boxes For Charity That Work

A Pop-up Cube always attracts attention in its own right, however when designed as a charity box, swear box or suggestion box it creates a bigger talking point and acts like a magnet for contributions.  A Pop-up Cube charity collection box will make sure your company or charitable cause remains in focus for a very long time indeed.