Pop Up Cuboid Money Boxes

Product Name: Pop-up Cuboid charity boxes
Size: 65x65x130mm and 75x75x150mm sizes as standard but custom sizes can be produced
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 500micron box board
Additional Info: Powered by an internal rubber band, each pop up Cuboid is supplied with its own custom mailer called a wrap 
Minimum order quantity 250 units

Rubber bands do not retain their full elasticity if stored at full stretch. The rubber band in this product is at full stretch when the product is stored flat. We advise that you plan to distribute the product within days of its manufacture in order to get the most effective pop-up.

If this does not suit your marketing plans then call us to discuss the best way forward.

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Pop-up Cuboid Charity Donation Boxes

Every charity appeal is finding it harder and harder to extract coins from people; everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment so it is imperative that you have a dynamic edge. With the Pop-up mailers charity boxes you are guaranteed to draw attention to your cause and fill up those charity collection boxes in no time at all.

Slot Into Your Promotions A Novelty Pop-up Cuboid Charity Box

Pop-up Cuboid charity collection boxes aren't just for charities.  With the right artwork and campaign message these collection boxes can also make great business marketing products.  Whether sent out as a “swear box” or “collect a penny a day for your chosen charity” it is a fabulous charity marketing tool that keeps your company in focus on a daily basis. You can be certain the pop up action charity donation boxes will create a talking point and work hard on your behalf.

Encourage Gift Giving With Charity Collection Boxes

Persuading people to part with their hard earned cash is getting more and more difficult and you need to encourage them to choose wisely and donate to your charity as a preferred choice.  Charity donation boxes are everywhere so you need a dynamic and striking design so that your charitable cause makes a big impact. A Pop-up Cuboid money box is one of the most impressive charity boxes from popup mailers and will work hard for your cause.