Captivating Event Invitation Zing Thing

Product Name: Zing Thing
Size: The sleeve measures 200 x 90 x 5mm, but when you pull out the sliding piece it extends to 325mm
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 500micron box board
Additional Info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Add Zing To Your Event Invitation

The Zing Thing event invitation is a good-natured and mischievous business marketing product which is particularly suited to the events sector due to its novelty value.  For event promotion or as an event invitation it is very interactive and teases the reader.  With a similar action to a bungee run as your contact pulls the Zing Thing it springs back so that they have to pull stronger next time.  This is a real teaser and obtains maximum focus immediately on receipt; a boring flat card event invitation simply cannot compete with the Zing Thing.

Amusing Event Invitation – Zing Thing

The Zing Thing event invitation enticec the recipient to open and repond to you invitation. It will be picked up again and again and shared with co-workers and colleagues adding to your overall advertising profile. Often the secret to a successful event marketing is ensuring the event invitation cannot be dismissed and that it will be read and responded to as soon as received, the Zing thing can definitely acheive this. 

Attention Grabbing And Mischievous Event Invitation

Designed as an event invitation the Zing Thing entices the reader to play with it again and again. This way your tantalizing event invitation is never going to be ignored.