Dissolving Picture Event Invite

Product Name: Picture Dissolve
Size: Available as A6, DL and A5
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk art board
Additional info: Available as single sleeve or with extra page
Minimum order quantity 250 units
Product Name: Cover Dissolve (third 'galley' image)
Size: Available as DL and A5
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk art board
Additional info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Dissolving Picture Event Invite

A Dissolving Picture is an excellent idea for a corporate event invite as it can portray many different things. The attraction of the Dissolving Picture is that the image changes simply by pulling a tab; it is interactive and grabs the user’s attention. This guarantees that the product message is absorbed; making it ideal for event marketing as an event invite idea.

Event Invite With Window Of Opportunity 

The Dissolving Picture event invite is available in a range of sizes A6, DL and A5 and can also be produced as a single sleeve or as a 4-page product. For extra fascination you can even design your event invite with two windows; this is also a popular idea for a trade show giveaways or exhibition gifts. A Cover Dissolving Picture is another option and in this case the event invite picture changes when the cover is lifted by the user.

Dissolving Action Event Invite Idea

Another event invite idea is to design the 4-page version with a perforated edge so that you have the perfect RSVP for an event invite or a loyalty coupon for an event hand-out or give-away. Some phrases conveyed successfully with a Dissolving Picture or Cover Dissolving Picture have been “before and after”, “from this to this” and “changing”. As a product launch event invite idea the Dissolving Picture is a first class idea.