Innovative Event Marketing Ideas For Tactical Pop Up Marketing

Our event marketing ideas and products will hopefully aid you in your quest for promotional ideas for event promotions. Event marketing and exhibition marketing is easy with high impact and innovative marketing products like the pop up products. Give your event marketing a lift with these fabulous items that jump from a mailing envelope when least expected.  The Pop Up Ball and Pop Up Cube are very popular for corporate event invitations and give-aways; if you require a more unusual shape then the Pop Up Castle or Pop Up House may be your choice of promotional ideas for events. Adding kudos to your event marketing is a good idea with the Pop Up Diamond or Pop Up Pyramid. There is even a Pop Up Handbag which is a very unusual format and very eye-catching.  Give your customers and attendees an event promotions product that they cannot ignore and will not forget.

Creative And Innovative Event Marketing Ideas

Our range of promotional ideas for events is quite vast.  These innovative exhibition promotion products and interactive pop up mailers can provide an innovative solution to many advertising problems and can prompt countless creative advertising ideas. When you are looking for promotional ideas for events with a difference, the Power Pen Pal and Jumpinjax are super ice-breakers at exhibitions. These pop up products can also make great corporate event invitations and trade show invites. The Power Pen Pal is a desk-top pen holder and can host a printed calendar too; a great way to ensure your company is remembered for a long time. A Push Up Pen Pal option is also available.  The Jumpinjax has four small pop up cubes that spring out as the tray is opened; a fabulous trade show promotion item is an event marketing product with that bit of something extra.

Pop-Up Products And Interactive Event Marketing Products Prompt Fresh Advertising Ideas

We have developed a range of vibrant pop-up and interactive products for promotional ideas for events which can set your mind buzzing with creative advertising ideas. Extending events promotion products are interactive event marketing ideas with attention-grabbing characteristics and make great corporate event invites. The Push ‘n’ Pull and the Extender Card have two arms that extend from the main body. With the Push ‘n’ Pull as you pull one side and the other side ejects simultaneously; and as you push it back in they both retract together too. This almost triples the product from its original size. The Extender Card extends from one side only and is a very captivating event marketing design.  For a novel and teasing platform for your event marketing the Zing Thing extends...but only so far then it springs back; this makes it a very amusing and memorable event invitation.

Cardboard Engineered Promotional Ideas For Events

Our range of promotional ideas for events using clever cardboard engineering techniques can help you transform your creative marketing ideas into reality. Our imaginative use of paper and cardboard engineering techniques is the key to creating enthralling event marketing pieces. With folding products like the Foldilocks and Hidden Book you can create mini brochures for give-aways or even exhibition invitations. Both designs have plenty of print area yet still fit into a pocket.  The Little Big Card and Carry And Keep card can be designed as mini booklets for easy reference or as a pocket sized plans such as venue guides and maps. The Starburst event marketing items have a theatrical folding style to them that is very interactive and gains maximum focus; they are often used for handy street plans and exhibition and venue guides. If interaction is the key factor for your promotional ideas for events then the Interloop® Mailer is perfect for the promotion of an event. Its rotating and compelling nature makes it a wise choice for event promotion marketing at it will be looked at and passed on generating maximum interest for your event.

Creative Event Marketing

Face Masks make unusual and fun promotional ideas for events; you really can have great fun with graphics and creative design for the Face Masks. Customers and exhibition attendees will find this form of event promotion marketing very amusing and memorable.  The Fortune Teller or Cootie Catcher is a nostalgic and entertaining product and particularly suited to the event marketing specification. It is a reminder of the traditional playground game and is a super ice-breaker for trade show promotions

Marketing Ideas For Exhibitions And Tradeshows

Trade shows, corporate road shows and exhibitions are massive events on a marketing calendar and each one demands a lot from promotional ideas for events. We have an entire section dedicated to event marketingto help you find your ideal products and publicity for events and exhibitions.  The 3-D Pop up Cards range and the Prism Card will broadcast your event marketing in a captivating and most appealing way. For trade show marketing the Flicker Card is an innovative idea that has an inner section that flows through revealing the full which is very amusing and captivating. And as the saying goes every picture tells a story and the Dissolving Pictures certainly do! The changing pictures are fascinating and most entertaining; they make superb event marketing invitations and promotional ideas for events.

High Impact to Subtle Interactive Choices for your Custom Invitations

Whatever the style of your event, we have a custom corporate event invitation to suit. Just to give you a few examples, we have showcased instant impact options and others with a more subtle attraction. The four high-action products which would make great custom invitations for high action events which might have a party or festival atmosphere are the Jumpinjax, Springbox, Pop-up Ball and Pop-up Cube.

Products with an equally high level of interaction but with a more subtle appeal include the Push’n’Pull, the Flickercard, the Starburst and a Pen Pal. 

Corporate invitations, business invitations and invitation ideas

A lot of effort goes into organizing and managing corporate events and here we put forward some good invitations ideas to help events organizers come up with a unique custom invitation.

A corporate bash can be a very prestigious affair as can an awards dinner and after spending a fortune putting on the event, great care and thought is required when choosing the appropriate pre-publicity materials such as the all-important corporate invitations. Almost by necessity, such materials will have to be custom printed invitations which convey the exclusivity of the event in order to make the both the corporation and the guests feel special.

Unique custom printed invitations for prestigious events

We can offer a variety of products which are perfect as custom printed invitations and announcements for such highly regarded occasions. Our Starburst family of exhibition invite products is an ideal choice as it can be produced very tastefully whilst still maintaining that element of “something extra” in its sophisticated folding technique. It is essential that your designer pays close attention to the production specification as the addition of a matt or silk laminated finish or perhaps a UV varnish can add that extra touch of class to really set your custom printed invitation above all others.

Starbursts come in a variety of sizes and they can be made to bespoke shapes to complement the custom printing. The product can be compact in size (from credit card size to A6) which may be a good idea if the guest has to present the invitation on arrival as it can easily fit in a handbag or pocket.  

Invitation Ideas for sports events, exhibitions, trade shows and conferences

Of course, not every event gets the red carpet treatment and the aim might be a more urgent need to put bums on seats, in which case it might be more appropriate to send out an event invite which is attention-grabbing. Here are a couple of invitation ideas which go to the opposite extreme, our Jumpinjax pop-up is a real “in yer face” blast as is our Springbox. Both have won many accolades on our “testimonials” page as both carry a massive initial impact which is very hard to forget and even harder to put down. These products are both worthy of serious consideration as invitation ideas if high impact is the aim of your direct mail campaign.

Pre-publicity announcements for corporate events, exhibitions and business occasions

Pre-publicity announcements are perhaps best targeted somewhere between the two aforementioned extremes and the choice would be down to two areas in which there is lots of choice – automatic pop-ups or interactive mailers. Without knowing the exact nature of any particular event it is hard to suggest one product above another. Perhaps it might be important that the promotional material is something that will be kept for a while. In that instance it might be a good idea to choose a product that can be presented as a pen holder which will enhance the likelihood of it staying on desk tops for some months. We have several pop-up options in this category – pop up cubes, pop up balls, pop-up houses and pop up pen pots.

Interactive mailers to create instate instant awareness

Alternatively, it could be that there is greater importance attached to an interactive mailer that is handled over and over again in which case a product like our Flicker Card could be deemed to have greater appeal or maybe the Push’n’pull. Both of these trade show invitation products are guaranteed to be handled repeatedly and also be passed around the office from desk to desk. On the other hand, our Sideshooter is a more lively product with a big impact on opening the envelope but without the short, sharp shock of the Jumpinjax and Springbox products.