House Money Boxes with pop up action

Product Name: House Pop-up cardboard collection boxes
Size: 'Standard' house - Footprint 93mm long x 73mm wide x 95mm high
'Large' House - Footprint 93mm long x 85mm wide x 105mm high
‘Long’ House - Footprint 130 mm long x 83mm wide x 105mm high
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 500micron box board
Additional Info: Powered by an internal rubber band, each pop up House is supplied with its own custom mailer called a wrap
Minimum order quantity 250 units

Rubber bands do not retain their full elasticity if stored at full stretch. The rubber band in this product is at full stretch when the product is stored flat. We advise that you plan to distribute the product within days of its manufacture in order to get the most effective pop-up.

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Raise The Roof With The Pop-up House Charity Money Boxes

The Pop-up House is a quirky little product in its own right, however by adding a coin slot it is the best make-over for charity you could do.  Transforming the products into cardboard collection boxes will knock spots off regular collection tins. The pop-up money boxes are more of a promotional product than a strong purpose-built money box and can be used for light hearted collections such as the office swear box or for collecting spare change to go towards the 'chocolate fund' or the drinks at the local wine bar at the end of the month.

Comfortable Contributions With The Pop-up House Collection Tins

The Pop-up House shape conveys a message of security and safety and an “in safe hands” message which is why it has gained a terrific reputation as a money box.  Cardboard collection boxes are an excellent foundation to any charity marketing appeal due to their novel shape and wide appeal.  Charity money boxes that capture attention first will produce dividends and be fun to work with. 

Add An Extension To Your Collections Tins

You may already have a collection tin scheme for your charitable cause; however why not add to them sporadically with charming and attention-grabbing cardboard collection boxes?  You may need to ask people to purchase a “brick” for £1 for an extension at a hospice or school and the Pop-up House is the perfect design for this.  You send out to all businesses and retail outlets in the area and the “Brick Appeal” charity money boxes will become iconic and soon be occupied with plenty of £1 coins.