InterloopMailer® - Folding and Revolving Card

Product Name: InterloopMailer®
Size: 120mm, 150mm, 170mm and 210mm square as standard.
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 300gsm silk art board
Additional info: Designed and patented by Graham Shapiro Design, proudly produced by Whitney Woods Ltd
Minimum order quantity 500 units

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Interloopmailer® Unique Interactive Mailer

The Interloopmailer® is a fascinating folding card with an intriguing revolving action. It transforms ordinary publicity material into a mind-boggling, interactive mailer. This affordable, innovative marketing product will be played with for hours, kept and remembered. Created by award-winning designers, Graham Shapiro Design Ltd, The Interloop Mailer tumble card is the trademarked name for this patented product which is produced by GSD with production and assembly being handled exclusively for GSD by Whitney Woods Ltd.

The Highly Interactive Interloopmailer® - Folding Tumble Card Action

The Interloop Mailer has a unique folding action that makes the product almost impossible to put down. Once you have turned it you just keep on going. It does one revolution after another revealing a different aspect of the tumble card on every turn. It is an absolutely fascinating business communication product. Of course, this high degree of interaction makes it absolutely perfect as a promotional marketing tool as your message is viewed over and over again. Unlike leaflets, pamphlets and booklets, the Interloopmailer® is unlikely to be thrown into the bin and so your marketing budget is really well spent when you pick the Interloop Mailer as your promotional choice.

Interloopmailer® - Various Sizes And Can Be Supplied With Coloured Envelopes

The Interloopmailer® can be supplied in small orders as well as in larger quantities – the minimum order being just 500. It can be supplied in custom sizes if required but the most popular sizes are 120 x 120mm; 150 x 150mm and 210 x 210mm each of which can be supplied with square coloured envelopes to enhance use of the tumble card in direct mailing campaigns.

Design Services Available From Award Winning Graham Shapiro Design

Whilst the fascination movement of the Interloopmailer® might suggest that producing artwork could be a nightmare, it is not as difficult as you might think.  The team at Graham Shapiro Design are on hand to guide you through the process and, of course, are available to produce the artwork and designs on your behalf. Print production and assembly of the Interloop Mailer is in the capable hands of the UK’s leading manufacturer of pop-ups and interactive mailers, Whitney Woods Ltd.