Creative Cardboard Engineering For Interactive Mailers

Cardboard engineering creates interesting promotional ideas.  Whilst the high-action automatic pop up mailer products might seem to be the most obvious choice for custom direct marketing our innovative interactive mailers often create more customer interaction. Automatic pop up products deliver immediate reaction, however manually-operated interactive marketing products are often poured over again and again with greater curiosity. In some instances you can combine manual interactive products with automatic pop-ups such as with our Wobbly Heads which add fun and an extra element of “keepability” to the products.

Interesting leaflet folded products such as our Flicker Card and the Push’n’Pull are very popular interactive mailers indeed and we know from client feed-back that they are handled over and over again. The movement in both of these products is quite sophisticated and it equates to the appeal of “executive toys”. They are popular with management level personnel which is exactly the right target audience for a typical business-to-business promotional marketing campaign. These interactive mailers make excellent direct mail for business. 

Custom Cardboard Engineering Tailored To Your Requirements

Your own custom direct marketing product might call for a specific movement and we can offer plenty of variety. Not all cardboard engineered interactive mailers products have the same degree of movement or complexity and many offer a more subtle interaction. Take the series of dissolving pictures for example. Dissolvers employ paper engineering techniques whereby a simple sliding action causes the main focus of the product to change as one picture dissolves to reveal another. Our series of creative folds Starburst interactive products cause a similar reaction – open, close, open, close – how can such a big display emanate from such a small card? The push-up pen pot is another successful cardboard engineering product that begs a similar question – how can this flat piece of card suddenly turn into a sturdy desk top pen holder? Another product with a touch of subtlety is the Extender pull out card. The product has a lovely sliding movement which allows the card to grow from 210mm to over 500mm in length with an action that is reminiscent of a zoom lens.

Ask yourself this, “How often does someone get hold of a leaflet and handle it repeatedly?” The answer is “Hardly ever” as it only takes one throw to hit the bin!  You won’t find that happening with the Whitney Woods range of creative folds and interesting mailers.

Promotional Custom Pop Up Cards For Bespoke Interactive Mailers

Custom pop-up cardsare a regular feature on our production calendar. Pop up 3D cube cards come into their own when you need to achieve a specific pop-up effect within your interactive mailers. We have made bespoke pop-up cards with a variety of creative folds and paper engineering techniques.   Pop-up features have included rugby scrums, bottles of pop, office scenes, building site, city skylines, country manors and racing drivers. It is this ability to portray such a diversity of products with interesting leaflet folds that makes the bespoke pop-up card such a valuable inclusion in our range of interactive mailers and marketing products.  From time to time, other cardboard engineering movements may be brought into play such as pull tabs, rotating wheels and “wobbly bits”, making your custom pop up cards original and eye-catching. Mini showcards can also benefit from these extra enhancements to achieve captivating displays for counter-tops, reception desks and work stations.  Interaction is required to erect the mini showcard as is also the case with the Prism Card; both products make very interesting mailers and will be retained continuing to broadcast your advertising message.

Creative Folds Mailer With a difference - The InterloopMailer®

The Interloop Mailer® possibly creates more customer interaction than any other interesting leaflet folds. It is a promotional folding card with a revolving and turning action that will have your customers puzzled. Starting off as a square piece, it folds inside out to create three different cross-shapes before going back to a square. The tumbling and revolving motion seems to be almost perpetual. It is certainly one of the most interactive mailers in our entire range. The Interloop® interactive mailer deserves very serious consideration for your next promotional campaign. We can almost guarantee that once your customer has handled it, the Interloop Mailer® will prove hard to put down. What better way is there to present your printed message?

Paper Engineering Techniques And Fun Promotional Marketing Go Hand In Hand

Whitney Woods owes a large part of the success of its range of promotional marketing products to the imaginative use of paper engineering techniques and cardboard engineering. Adding an element of amusement and creating interesting mailers and marketing products is easy with a Face Mask; the possibilities for using such a fun product are endless from event invitations and outdoor events to new product launches and seasonal promotions. A Fortune Teller is a nostalgic approach to interactive mailers and a very tactile and unusual way to use interesting leaflet folds to achieve greater response rates and create a talking point. Playful and interactive mailers capture attention every time and the Zing Thing is a teasing and entertaining cardboard engineering design. The main feature of this business communication product is the fact that as you release the card to read the message it springs back in again! These really are second to none fun promotional ideas!

Cardboard Engineering – Impressive Extending Products

Our range of cardboard enineered products it quite vast and in addition to the Extender Card we also offer the Telescopic Box – an expanding gift box interactive mailer with lots of potential for marketing campaigns and promotions. The extensive print area and “box within a box” makes it an ideal choice for enclosing a small sample or a chocolate for seasonal promotions, often designed as an alternative festive greeting. The Sideshooter has an appeal because it almost triples in size as soon as it is taken from the mailer.  The two arms shoot out from the main body simultaneously when least expected gaining maximum focus from the reader every time. 

Helping You With New Bespoke Cardboard Engineering Projects

So much can be added to the design of a basic folded leaflet with paper engineering techniques - an extra cut and fold and you have interesting mailers with creative folds. We do not claim to be origami masters but we keep cardboard engineering simple and affordable yet at the same time very effective from a promotional marketing point of view. We are proud of the fact that all of our promotional products and interactive mailers are completely handmade being assembled right here in the UK by a skilled and experienced team. We can help to guide you by pointing you in the right direction or giving instructions on how to create your unique custom 3D pop up cards or any product based on cardboard engineering techniques then we will “hold your hand” as far as we can through the design and prototype processes.