Extender Card – Marketing Communication

Product Name: Extender Card with mailing wrap
Size: 209 x 100 x 5mm closed, extends to a length of 510mm.
Printed envelope measures 210 x 103 x 6mm
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk art board
Additional info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Extend Your Marketing Communication

Marketing communication products that almost triple in size can never be ignored which is why the Extender Card is a boon for direct mail marketing communication. It comes in its own all board oriented envelope and entices your customers to open it. Once opened they pull a tab to reveal the amusing and captivating extending card hosting your marketing communication.

Marketing Communication Products That Grow

Having an action similar to a telescope you can have lots of fun with graphic design to spread the word and create your dynamic business communication products.  This high level of customer interaction soon has this marketing communication being passed around amongst co-workers and colleagues and is marketing effectiveness at its best. When you combine good marketing ideas, creative copywriting and imaginative graphics and add them to customer interaction it is surprising just what impact can be created.

Direct Mail Marketing Communication Products

There is no end to the suggestions for some alternative marketing communication products for this excellent extending direct mailer idea: wide; broad; latitude; wingspan; outspread arms; broad based; wide bodied; wide angle; wide ranging; build up; walk tall; high and mighty; sky-high; giant; the long and short of it; bean pole; longlegs; dizzy height; ladder to success; take off; get to the top; push up; spring; reach the top. You too can reach the top with this mega idea for marketing communication.