Marketing Financial Products And Services With Slide Calculators

Marketing financial products and services can be difficult when lots of complex information needs to be included. We have products that can help in just this instance. Lever Calculators and Wheel Charts are two eyeleted marketing banking products with die-cut apertures with the calculations or results to view.  Wheel Charts are also known as calculator discs; they are very sturdy and easy to use making them ideal for marketing financial peroducts and services. Slide calculators or slide rule calculators are operated by sliding an inner card up and down and are sometimes referred to as ready reckoners. Marketing of financial services where you need to advise and forecast figures benefit greatly from these designs since good communication is the key to all deals in the financial world.

Marketing Banking Products Can Be Profitable With Mini Brochures

For your marketing of banking products and financial services the pocket-friendly mini brochures are ideal; easily carried for future reference makes them a top choice for marketing banking products or those of building societies, insurance and pension companies. The Little Big Card in two sizes has hard-wearing covers that open up to reveal a large printed area. Marketing banking services with the Little Big Card or the Carry And Keep card which is a similar design gives you great scope for money marketing communications. For a flamboyant and glamorous feel the Mini Starburst and Double Mini Starburst are fun-folds that open up with a theatrical flourish. Part of a huge range of information marketing products, the Starburst are also available in many other sizes, shapes and styles. Offering a positive feel to your financial services direct marketing the Starbursts are very appealing and easy on the eye.

Marketing Of Financial Services Is Easier With Interaction

The Flicker Card is a very tactile and attention-grabbing format for marketing of financial services, products and institutions. By pulling a tab the inner section flows through marketing banking products in a very professional and captivating way. This mini booklet is an exceptional design for marketing of financial products with rewarding results. For messages about growth the Extender Card is an ideal platform for marketing financial services using direct marketing. It extends to almost three times its original size as your customers pull the card creating an immediate thought process about growth and extension which is perfect for savings, stocks and shares information marketing products. Tactile products that host lots of information will ensure that your marketing increases awareness of your products and services.

Products That Change For Marketing Of Financial Services

Advertising and marketing products with a changing format lend themselves perfectly to marketing financial institutions and banking services via direct marketing.  Keeping the reader’s attention they are a super way of depicting flexibility and variation which is extremely useful for marketing financial products and financial services direct marketing. Whether you are advertising via mailing campaigns, in-store or exhibitions a Picture Dissolve is a premium product to covey your message. The Interloop® Mailer is also a changing format; the key feature here being that whilst marketing banking services you are also entertaining your customers.  Capturing attention in this very novel way will enhance your marketing of financial products efforts and extend your advertising profile as this amusing experience is almost universally shared with others too.

Desk-top Marketing Financial Gains

Desk-top information marketing products pay dividends because they are multifunctional tools that work as a constant reminder of your financial services. Pen pots and pen holders are a bonus for financial services dm (direct marketing).  Everyone needs somewhere to store their pens and pencils at a work-station area so marketing of financial products with Pop Up Pen Pots makes perfect sense.  With various styles and options to choose from, even a Push Up Pen Pot if you prefer you can double your chances by adding a printed calendar too. The two in one desk-top pen pots with calendar are novelty products for marketing financial services and ultimately induce extra sales. Encouraging brand loyalty with information marketing products that sit on a desk or counter-top soon results in a windfall of extra sales.

Money Boxes For Marketing Banking Services

Marketing bbanking services can be done in a variety of ways. You may wish to encourage your customers to “save for a rainy day” or “donate to your nominated charity” as part of your marketing of financial products and this is easy with a promotional money box.  The Pop Up Cuboids money box is a traditional shape for a fund raising box, other pop up shapes make eye-catching fund raising boxes too. The Pop Up House Money Box is an ideal shape for attracting attention to marketing banking services. It’s most unusual shape makes it a popular choice for marketing with a fund raising box. The Self-assembly Money Boxes have plenty of room for adding financial services direct marketing logos and details too if you prefer this design for your campaign.