Business Marketing Promotion Products

Product Name: Push ‘n’ Pull
Size: A6 / A5 / DL / in portrait or landscape aspect
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 500micron box board
Additional info: Available as a single sleeve or 4-page option
Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Marketing Promotions With Business Marketing Products

Ideal for any marketing promotion, the Push n Pull is a clever interactive product that almost triples from its original size.  The key feature with these business marketing products is that by pulling a tab at one end a card comes out at the other end simultaneously – push it back in and they both retract together too. Push n Pull make great business communications products that are available in a variety of sizes and as single sleeved and 4 page options.

Marketing Promotion Product With A Surprising Action

Brand awareness marketing promotions with the Push n Pull reciprocal movement are easy and you can have lots of fun with your graphic design with this product too. It has been proved again and again that business marketing products with a higher degree of interaction and a surprising element work much better. Capture attention to your marketing promotion and keep it!    

Interactive Business Marketing Products

The Push n Pull will certainly not be handled just once and thrown away; it will be kept and shared with others adding longevity and greater exposure to your marketing promotion. Some ideas that have produced extremely successful results with the Push n Pull business marketing products are: in / out; up / down; over / under; slide; longer; growth; bigger; yo-yo; up and about; bring into play; introduce; erect; lift; raise; increase; development; upward trend; upsurge; grow up; climb; shoot up; through the ceiling; jump out; stepping up; energize; energetic; wider; pick-me-up. Marketing promotions have included trade shows, direct mail, and event marketing