Unfold And Revealing Fortune Teller

Product Name: Fortune Teller 
Size: 200 x 200mm when open
100 x 50mm when assembled and folded flat.
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 115gsm Splendorgel
Additional info: Can be supplied:-
ready assembled and stacked in towers,
ready assembled and supplied folded flat, or
as a flat sheet with instruction sheet 210 x 100mm
Minimum order quantity 250 units


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Predict Extra Visitor Numbers With The Fortune Teller (Cootie Catcher)

Remember the fun we had as children with the folded piece of paper with a mix of good and nasty consequences and predictions on? Along similar lines is the Fortune Teller or as is sometimes known the Cootie Catcher and it is in a league of its’ own for marketing visitor attractions. The Fortune Teller product offers potential for a number of tourism marketing ideas. It can be supplied flat or ready folded with your custom printed information and advice on.  With this nostalgic product and keeping your messages amusing and light-hearted you have a top choice product for marketing visitor attractions. 

An Entertaining Way Of Marketing Visitor Attractions

The Fortune Teller is endearing and appealing to all ages and lends itself perfectly to marketing visitor attractions.   Your visitors will have lots of fun moving the product up and back and side to side to reveal all the exciting messages and choices you have to offer. The added bonus with the Fortune Teller is that it is easy to carry around and will be shown to others because of its novel design. Next time you are assigned the task of marketing visitor attractions use the help of this unusual and attention-grabbing design.

Improve Your Fortunes By Proactively Marketing Visitor Attractions

Tourists will feel it their destiny to visit your attraction when you have impressed and amused them with the Fortune Teller Promotion.  Marketing visitor attractions with this cute and nostalgic product is easy; it portrays happiness and reminds your visitors about their playground days and sweet innocent games. Marketing visitor attractions with boring leaflets simply does not work – you need dynamic and unusual business marketing products