Marketing Wine And Drinks With On Bottle Promotions

To market wine and drinks successfully you need drinks marketing products that capture attention - you need look no further than We have a variety of bottle neck advertising collars and hangers for marketing beer and marketing liquor, in fact any beverage marketing in bottles at all.  If you need a bottle collar with a large print area, the Bottle Banner is the one to choose as it broadcasts your drinks promotions with flair.  All in the bottle promotions range have their own character and style, the Bottle Balls, Bottle Bows and Bottle Luvvy are three perfect drinks marketing products for alcohol promotions because they all wrap snugly around the bottleneck. A more traditional approach is a Bottle Hanger, which is well-established in marketing drinks. Pop up mailers have introduced an extra dimension to bottle hangers including the Foldilocks and Rollfold which are perfect for a building brand loyalty drink promotion. In this way discount coupons and incentive offers can easily be part of your marketing drinks programme.

Marketing Of Wine With Stylish Bottle Dressing

These days when marketing wines you need to be sure that the consumer notices your bottles; drinks marketing ideas are easy with creative drinks promotion products from Pop up mailers. Wine marketing with Bottle Balls and Collar and Tie bottle collars adds glamour to your wine and alcopop marketing.  For a more traditional look to the bottles, the Bottle Cone and Bottle Tower collars have been around for a long time; they fit snugly around any bottleneck and give an all-round display. As far as marketing wine products go, the Bottle Starburst bottle hanger explodes with information and your consumers will keep it for future reference.

Marketing Soft Drink Products With Playful And Amusing Pieces 

When marketing soft drinks you need to capture attention and arouse curiosity with potential customers. Pop up mailers have some unusual ideas for direct mail sports drink marketing and soft drink marketing promotions. The Pop-up Cube is a clever little product; it arrives in a custom mailer and immediately on opening it leaps out with energy much to the amazement of your audience. Another direct mail or trade show give-away with a nostalgic feel to it is the Fortune Teller; this is a fun folds product that is very interactive and also a top choice for marketing alcohol, marketing sports drinks and marketing soft drinks. For bottleneck advertising the Bottle Swatch Card is a product that compliments sports drink marketing and soft drink marketing – it is an item that will be removed from the bottle and kept due to its creative design.

Liquor Promotions And Beer Marketing With Bottle Tags

Bottle Tags have been around for a very long time and have played a major role in marketing alcohol and marketing beverages. Pop up mailers have a selection of three Bottle Tags to choose as a liquor marketing product. The well recognised Single Tag, and the more substantial Double Portrait and Double Landscape Tags all have metallic string loops to secure them to the bottle necks, adding a little more pizzazz to your liquor marketing.  Bottle tags are also available as Drink Can Neck Tags and are a great addition to the bottle tags for beer marketing. It is a good idea to promote brand loyalty and recognition by using both forms of tags for marketing beer or marketing liquor.

Alcohol Marketing Through Direct Mail And Ambient Campaigns

Alcohol is associated with pleasure and leisure which is why here at popupmailers we have amusing and entertaining ideas for ambient marketing campaigns and direct mail campaigns.  The Face Mask is a great way to portray a drinks marketing campaign and encourage brand recognition; it is particularly popular for marketing alcohol and  marketing alcopops in nightclubs and public houses.

The Jumpinjax is terrific at getting immediate reaction; ideal for trade-show giveaways and direct mail liquor marketing promotions it always creates a talking point and is full of amusement for both the sender and the receiver. The Interloop® Mailer is almost like a puzzle; you turn and turn again and again to reveal the full drinks promotion message.  As a direct mailer this will be picked up and played with again and again enforcing your liquor marketing message every time. Starburst leaflets are fun-folding products that are very eye-catching and perfect for the marketing of wine either as a direct mail piece or ambient marketing campaigns.