Mini Brochures Are Pocket Sized Leaflets With Clever Cardboard Engineering

Mini brochures are handbag, wallet and pocket sized products and make popular advertising items these days which is why the Little Big Card and the Carry And Keep are ideal. Being handy in size, easy to use and with a large printing area these two products make perfect pocket booklets.  With sturdy covers and impressive folded inners the Little Big Card and Carry And Keep are hard-wearing mini brochures that will be retained for a long time. These user-friendly business card brochures and A7 sized pocket booklets, all hand-finished to a premium standard are ideal for printing maps and product information. Our mini brochures are popuplar tourism marketing ideas.

Credit And Business Card Sized Mini Booklets

The most popular business card brochure in the range is the Foldilocks Card, rather like the Pocketina the concertina-folds have large printing areas and make ideal advertising products for promoting brand loyalty. Swatch Cards are available in many sizes, however the credit and business card sized mini brochures are the most popular. Adding a custom-shape to the Swatch Cards attracts even more attention. The Starburst family of products really come into play when it comes to business card brochures. Slipping easily into a wallet or handbag the Mini Starburst and Double Starburst are showy and bold in design and user-friendly - you can create the most impressive mini brochures.

Small Booklet Mini Brochures With Playful Designs

Mini brochures help keep your customers and visitors entertained with amusing cardboard engineering.  The Hidden Book is a simple yet effective A4 page that folds into an 8-page pocket booklet, however it has the added amusement that when folded back up it changes into a different 8-page small brochure.  The U-Card starts out as an A4 sized product and folds down in a novel and entertaining way to a 16-page A7 small booklet. Both products are enthralling and ideal to design as mini brochures for promotional campaigns, advertising and marketing, and trade show give-aways. The Two Pop Box with its dynamic and surprising pop-up cubes is most definitely a pocket brochure with a difference. This product is very compact with attention-grabbing qualities that are hard to beat. It has gained a first class reputation as a cover mount mini brochure for magazines too.  You could even use them as an exhibition invitation. The Springbox and Jumpinjax are larger products which also have the pop-up cubes to grab attention and add another dimension to your small booklet fun.

Unfolding And Interactive Products – Ideal For Trade Shows And Exhibitions

Pocket-sized mini brochure products are ideal event give-aways. More and more Exhibitors are now recognising the fact that flat leaflets simply will not be read and will be discarded without a second glance.  The Foldilocks, Pocketina and Swatch Cards have many uses for the exhibition and events industry, and the Starburst family of products with their flamboyant and interactive qualities make ideal pocket booklet give-aways and pocket sized plans. The Double Starburst and Triple Starburst have extra folded sections yet still fold down to pocket sized small booklets for easy transportation and reference. The Two Pop Box trade show pomotions are a superb ice-breaker as well as a handy pocket booklet that makes an impact every time.

Pocket-sized Mini Brochure Products

Mini brochures are handy-sized marketing products which grew in popularity in the 90's with the introduction of a variety of credit card sized products. The product group soon became known as printed pocket sized print which pretty well covers any item of advertising print that can fit in your pocket, purse or handbag. We have chosen seven of our promotional advertising products for inclusion in this 'small booklet' category, each one of which offers a different style of movement, pop-up action or shape. The sizes of these advertising products range from credit card size to A7 to A6 – any larger and they are too big to be called pocket sized print.

Credit Card Sized Pocket Products

The most popular credit card sized mini brochure in our range is the Foldilocks Card. This is a concertina-folded item which is over 400mm long when unfolded but it is quickly folded down to a very nifty credit card sized piece of pocket sized print. Promotional swatch card mini brochures can be made to order in whatever size that you require but the most popular size that we do is definitely a credit card sized swatch. These promotional advertising cards are collated together and fastened in one corner with a metal eyelet so that they splay out like a fan. We also make a cute little Starburst as a credit card sized product. These have been produced most often as event invitations and as town guides.

Mid-sized Printed Pocket Products (A7)

A size which fits neatly into the palm of your hand is A7 which is approximately 105mm x 75mm. Our standard pocket sized print offerings in this size bracket are the Hidden Book, the U-Card and promotional Swatch Cards. The Hidden Book promotional advertising product is a triumph for a simple folding technique. Starting life as an A4 sheet, the Hidden Book folds to make an 8-page book but the book unfolds and refolds to make a completely different 8-page book. These mini brochures are a good example of an interactive piece of pocket sized print. The U-Card is similar inasmuch as it, too, starts off as an A4 sheet and folds down to an A7 book but the U-card folds in a totally different way. Promotional Swatch Cards are often produced in A7 format and this size is only just behind credit card size in popularity.

Another small brochure product that starts as an A7 item is the Pocketina Card. Based on a simple concertina fold; the Pocketina extends to 620mm when fully opened. The product has a rather unique feature in a reverse fold front cover which high-lights a decorative die-cut. Our own sample gives focus to our own company logo as the die-cut figure but your own product can be made to virtually any shape.

We also make a quite spectacular promotional advertising product in this handy size - the Tripleburst. This product is an outstanding example of just what can be achieved with pocket sized print. From a folded size of A7, the Tripleburst opens with a flourish to reveal 3 starburst displays stretching out to 150mm x 665m!!!

Starburst Style Of Promotional Pocket Sized Print

At the top end of the pocket products range, at least size wise, come the very popular Starburst promotional advertising products. By far and away the most popular size that produce is A6 (approx 150mm x 105mm) but they come in various combinations. Some are made with double starburst displays, others have 4-panel cover and some have a 3-panel cover but they all these pocket booklets fold down to a size that fits neatly into your jacket pocket or handbag, thereby squeezing into the pocket sized print category.

Pocket-sized Media Is A Perfect Choice For Exhibition Handouts, Agendas And Calendar Of Events

The overall success of pocket sized print has not been lost on the events market. More and more exhibitors are recognizing the fact that handing out leaflets is not much more than a quick way to throw away money and to create litter. As has been well documented on this website, people just do not throw away pocket media products – they are kept for further reference and that simple fact ensures their popularity and success as promotional products. We have selected certain items for inclusion in our event marketing section. The Tripleburst is included for its claims to be the perfect product to act as a mini show guide. The Foldilocks and Fortune Teller have a variety of uses as events publicity products whilst the versatility of the Starburst family of products makes them suitable candidates for virtually every aspect of events publicity.