Good outlook with Paper Fortune Teller

Product Name: Fortune Teller 
Size: 200 x 200mm when open
100 x 50mm when assembled and folded flat.
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 115gsm Splendorgel
Additional info: Can be supplied:-
ready assembled and stacked in towers,
ready assembled and supplied folded flat, or
as a flat sheet with instruction sheet 210 x 100mm
Minimum order quantity 250 units


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Fortune Teller – Folding Fun from Schooldays

Remember this - the folded piece of paper that you moved up and back and side to side? Then your friend had to choose a number which told her to kiss Peter Fisher or it said that she had a fat bum? Well here it is again, only this time it is for promotional fun! We call it a Fortune Teller. It’s only a folded piece of paper but we get asked for it over and over again! The Fortune Teller can be supplied flat – ready for your customer to fold – in which case it comes with a sheet of printed instructions for folding. Alternatively, we can supply it already folded by hand, ready to use – and you still get a sheet of instructions which show how to use it!

Promotional ideas for the Fortune Teller

Our research tells us that the Fortune Teller is popular as a handout at exhibitions, conferences and trade shows. It is also used as an interactive invitation to corporate events. Our own samples feature witty quotations which cover various subjects whilst the slogans that were under the fold-over flaps when we were at school were nearly always forfeits and insults. To make the most of the fortune teller as a promotional tool you might want to think carefully about the information that is printed under the flap. Whilst your customer might have a flush of nostalgia when assembling the product it is important that the good feeling is carried on to actual usage. The product could flop if the only message is something like “Our fork lift trucks are the best”. Try to make messages amusing or curious to ensure that your customer not only assembles it but also shows others in the office.

Origami Fortune Teller Captures Attention

Paper folds in the form of a paper Fortune Teller capture great attention and create amusement and office banter.  When you need a cost-effective yet effective product for your marketing promotion a Fortune Teller game will work hard for you. These business communication products will impress your customers and offer increased response rates. You can choose to send ready-assembled or flat requiring folding for extra interactivity on receipt.

Fortune Teller Game - Interactive Mailer

A paper Fortune Teller or cootie catcher as they are sometimes known is a nostalgic interactive mailer; a reminder of the playground Fortune Teller game where we would predict who would perform which forfeits.  Of course for your marketing and advertising you need to ensure that you have a positive message and one that your customers cannot forget. You can have great fun designing your origami Fortune Teller to achieve the best results.

Communicate With A Fortune Chatterbox Product

Sometimes called a fortune chatterbox or a cootie catcher, the Fortune Teller game is a fun business communications product to give to your customers. Interactive mail always gains maximum focus and by adding an element of entertainment you achieve even greater response rates. An origami Fortune Teller is always supplied with full instructions whether you choose to send them to your customers made-up or flat.