Pop Up Cards With Bespoke Cut Out

Product Name: Cut out message card
Size: Pop-up cards in this style would be custom made to client specifications
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk art board
Additional Info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Pop Up Card With Bespoke Cut-out Message Speaks Volumes

The promotional pop up card pictured is a 4-page 1/3 A4 with the letters "FREE" cut out and hand-folded to stand up when opened. You can create this effect within your own promotional corporate pop up cards to create a really bold business to business marketing product. The only downside to the pictured version is that it is not attractive on the outside of the pop up card. The best finish is achieved by incorporating a fold-over cover for the outer of the pop up cards which has the price benefit of making it into a single-sided print job.  This option offers a cost effective direct mail marketing campaign.

Bespoke Pop Up Card For Creative Marketing Ideas

These promotional pop-up cards for business rely on the skills of the graphic designer and cardboard engineering professional for its appeal. The basic pop-up mechanism creates a right angled step in the centre of the pop up card known as a generation with cut-aways. The cardboard engineering techniques in these business communication products can be taken a couple of cuts further to create more steps. In the cut out message pop up card pictured, the cutaways have formed the word "FREE".

Custom-made Pop Up Card Broadcasts Your Promotional Message

Versatile, these promotional pop-up cards could be designed in a number of ways. For example you could include increasing cuts to make a small flight of stairs. Words that might inspire further corporate marketing ideas for these pop up cards include: Stairs, staircase, steps, carpet, hallway, lobby, porch, stairway to heaven.