3D Pop Up Card

Product Name: Pop up cube card
Size: The 3D pop-up cards in the pictures above are roughly A5 size when closed but we can make whatever size you like up to and including size A4
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk art board
Additional Info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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3D Pop Up Card Offers Striking Effect For Business Direct Marketing

3D pop-ups at the centrefold can offer a very striking and dramatic display to boost the main point of your business to business direct mail ideas by drawing your customer's attention straight to your main focus. The card in the picture shows a pop-up cuboid whilst the videos demonstrate both a Pop-up Cube Card and a Pop Up Cuboid Card. These two shapes are the most popular 3-D pop-up card. 

Gain Maximum Focus With a 3D pop-up Card In Your Promotional Marketing

The actual 3D pop-up card has at its heart a simple V-fold mechanism which creates the lift but it is the 3D aspect which gives the pop-up its finishing touch. Attention grabbing products are essential for promotional business marketing. The pop up cube card, or indeed any shape you choose for your 3D pop up card, will perform well every time. Popup cards are very popular as corporate event invitations.

Pop Up Cube Card – Versatile and Impressive

All-in-all, the 3-D Pop-up Card is a very versatile business communication product for a wide range of business to business marketing campaigns. Whilst we have mentioned the most popular shapes, pop up cuboid and pop up cube card there are quite a number of variations including a pop-up house featuring a pitched roof and a pyramid on a square base.  Simple shapes work the best for a 3D pop up card. There is no point spending money on a really intricate cutter, as it is the lifting action which attracts attention. Our motto is - keep it simple, keep it affordable.