Pop Up Mailers Are Automatic Pop-up Products

Are Pop Up Mailers right for your next promotional campaign? Well let's see, here’s how automatic pop up products start working for you - an attractive little package arrives on your customer’s desk; what we call a chunky mailer pack. Standing out amongst a mass of boring, white, standard-sized, flat envelopes that create an unwanted pile the popup mailers chunky mail packs such as the Zippalope attract much more attention and reach your intended target. The chunky pop up mailer pack entices them to investigate further and open up the mailer revealing your pop up promotional ideas.

Promotional Pop Up Mailers Grab Attention

Your pop up mailers contain clever cardboard engineering techniques. This means they automatically pop up and jump out so suddenly your customer has to look at your promotional pop up idea - even if it is only to pick it up! Your customer will barely glance at flat mail items but will immediately open up your mailing pack. On opening, you customer is curious to see how  these pop up mailers work and consequently studies the automatic pop-up closely. You’ve cracked it – your customer is absorbed and your automatic pop ups have worked! Your main problem will be deciding which of the automatic pop up products to choose for your campaign. The Pop Up Ball, Pop Up Cube and Cuboid pop up box are joined by the more unusual shapes of the gem shapes Pop Up Diamond, Pop Up Pyramid and very eye-catching Pop Up House.

Automatic Pop-up Products Work Best When The Rubber Band Is Fresh

The pop-up action in this range of automatic pop up products is created by cardboard engineering design working with rubber bands. However, rubber bands are a natural product and if they are kept at full stretch for too long they do begin to lose their elasticity. We recommend that your pop up promotional ideas are dispatched to your customers within the first week of being produced– unless you can store them popped-up rather than flat.  

Pop Up Pen Holders Are Promotional Ideas

Whilst the automatic pop-up products create very effective promotional ideas in their own right there is no need for your pop-up mailers to stop working after the initial impact. You can add a longer desk life to these business communications products by converting them into a pen holder. Quite a number or our automatic pop-up products make excellent pen holders and can be supplied as such for no extra cost. The Pop-up Cube makes a terrific desk top pen holder and still offers lots of space for an eye-catching promotional message. The Pop-up Cuboid pop up box is another box-shaped product which lends itself to being supplied as a pen holder with a sturdy shape and size option. Pen holder options which are more quirky or decorative are the Pop-up House, Pop Up Castle, Pop Up Pyramid and the Pop Up Ball. There is also the Pop Up Power Pen Pal which was specifically designed as a promotional desktop pen holder. Each of these options is supplied with either a Zippalope or a Mailing Wrap and as B2B direct marketing tools they will extend the life of your promotion for months. These Pop Up Cuboids and Pop Up Houses also make excellent money box or cardboard charity collection box.

Calendars Also Add Life To Pop Up Mailers

Another way for you to extend the life of your automatic pop-up products is to print it as a promotional desk calendar. Many of the promotional pop-ups mentioned above as pen holders also make excellent customized desk calendars. In fact one of our most popular desk calendars is our Pen Pal, closely followed by the Power Pen Pal. These two promotional pop-ups make very effective promotional ideas, combining customer interaction with functionality to create a desk top advertising opportunity that could easily last for 12 months at least! Another idea is to add a coin slot creating a promotional money box or 'swear box' or small change money collecting box for charities.

Unusual Promotional Pop-ups For Events And Exhibitions

Our automatic pop-up products are extremely versatile and offer many types of marketing solutions not only as mailers. We have a section dedicated to promotional ideas with pop-ups which have proven to be successful when used as publicity materials for exhibitions and event marketing.  The Pop Up Snowflake and Pop Up Diamond are both part of the Pop Up Gems range and add kudos to events products. Events and exhibitions come in all guises and all shapes and sizes we make quite a lot of bespoke automatic pop-ups for use as exhibition invitations and trade show giveaways too. The Pop up Handbag is very popular for events and exhibitions and makes a very novel invitation idea along with the Jumpinjax. The Jumpinjax has four small automatic pop ups contained in a tray that spring into the air as soon as released making it perfect as an event and exhibition handout