Extensive Opportunities Extender Card

Product Name: Extender Card with mailing envelope
Size: 209 x 100 x 5mm closed, extends to a length of 510mm.
Printed envelope measures 210 x 103 x 6mm
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk art board
Additional info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Below The Line Direct Marketing Product With Customer Interaction

The Extender card adds customer interaction to your below the line direct marketing product. Add that to a theme of growth and expansion and you are on the way to designing a successful product. Unlike the Sideshooter which has an automatic extending action, the Extender card doesn’t grow until your client actually pulls out the card. This makes the interaction very personal which can make for a very successful below the line direct marketing campaign. An extremely good example is one where the sleeve gives little warning of what is about to happen when the card is pulled but when the reader pulls the card, out comes a condom which grows in the reader’s hands. Very personal and very effective direct marketing!

The Extender Card – Expanding Promotional Marketing Product

The Extender Card is a pull out card that expands to almost 3 times its original size simply by pulling a tab. It starts as a sturdy 210 x 100 x 5mm and extends to 510mm. Supplied with its own all-board printed envelope; the extender card is perfect for a direct mail campaign. The chunky pack feels very substantial weighing 80grams and it just cries out to be opened. This product will definitely NOT be ignored or end up in the recycling bin without a second thought.

Extending Pull Out Card Interactive Mailer

For direct mail ideas you need to ensure that you use leading edge business communication products that work. The Extender Card is sent in your own custom mailer and once opened it extends to almost three times its original size which has your customers absorbed instantly. Used as a 3-D interactive mail item this pull out card product will return a high response rate for you and soon get your sales office telephones ringing.

Marketing Ideas For The Extender Card

Here are a few suggestions for some alternative marketing ideas for this excellent pull out card interactive  mailer: wide; broad; latitude; wingspan; outspread arms; broad based; wide bodied; wide angle; wide ranging; build up; walk tall; high and mighty; sky-high; giant; the long and short of it; bean pole; longlegs; dizzy height; ladder to success; take off; get to the top; push up; spring; reach the top.  The Extender Card with the main feature being a pull out card is ideal as a direct mail piece, an event invitation or even a trade show or exhibition give-away.