Red Reveal Message Reader

Product Name: Red Reveal Reader
Size: Approx 105 x 148mm
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm art board
Additional Info: Available with 1, 2 or more insert cards and with or without it’s own bespoke mailing wrap
Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Red Reveal Reader For Successful Direct Marketing

The Red Reveal Reader offers a wonderful way of conveying an idea or message to your customer.  The magic film in the 'reveal reader' decodes a hidden message in specially designed print.  A 'secret' or 'hidden' message can be sent to your customers generating intrigue, then by simply inserting the message card into the Red Reveal window your print is decoded and your message appears.  By creating interaction with your customer the Red Reveal Reader encourages your customer to really engage with your promotional marketing message.

Demonstrate Clarity With Red Reveal

Using special print techniques combined with the magic of the special red film, the Red Reveal Reader allows your customer to transform a display of what appears to be 'gobbledygook' print into a clear message in seconds. This business marketing product can be used with great effect as a visual metaphor for how your company's products and services can help your customer. To achieve their goal they should cut out the clutter and come to you. Even better, the Red Reveal Reader will be passed around colleagues and co-workers because of its fun and interactive nature, spreading your business to business marketing message even further.

Use Red Reveal Reader To Make An Impact Again And Again!

The Red Reveal can be used successfully in a number of scenarios. A great direct mail idea, the Red Reveal has the option of being supplied with its own bespoke mailer. Contained within its wrap this product classes as a letter under Royal Mail guidelines and so offers a cost effective direct mail solution. The card and reader can be sent together, or if you prefer you can add interest and intrigue by sending the insert cards separately – additional cards can even be printed at a later date so there’s every excuse for your marketing campaign to run and run! The Red Reveal could also be used as an event give away or corporate invite or you could even print up clues and be used to guide visitors around a promotional treasure hunt at your next exhibition.