Office Relocation Announcement Information

Relocation announcements are so important for ensuring your customers and suppliers know how to reach you and ensure your business can continue to run smoothly. We have some products that lend themselves perfectly to we are moving announcements by capturing attention and ensuring that your new details are noted. Far too many “We are moving” or "we have moved"office relocation notices are sent out as business postcards and letters which do not result in records being updated by the recipient. A company moving announcement postcard or letter is too easily thrown away or lost in a pile of “any other business”. The use of a creative and interactive office relocation notification products makes the process of advising about new premises entertaining for both yourselves and your contacts.

Promotional Products For Office Relocation Notification

Sometimes the announcement is simply a change of address notification and sometimes it is part of a big piece of PR to announce that the company is moving onwards and upwards. Either way, it is important for customers to be aware of the changes and therefore it is of vital importance that the customer takes notice of the office relocation announcement.  A vibrant and energetic moving office announcement will catch attention and keep it; the Pop Up Cube, Pop Up Cuboid, Pop Up Castle and Pop Up House are four novelty pop-up shapes that spring from their custom mailers and surprise your contacts.  For attention grabbing and extra longevity you may prefer the desk-top pots -  the Power Pen Pal and Push Up Pen Pal are perfect designs for an office relocation notice. The shape of your new premises might also sway the choice of an office relocation announcement or notice to tell your customers that you are moving. If your business is moving to new industrial units then these could well be printed on the sides of a Pop Up Cuboid. Alternatively, if your business is a traditional shop or restaurant, for example, then a house-shaped moving announcement pop up might be more appropriate. Either way, both of these products come with their own printed mailers and are perfect for moving premises direct mail!

A Perfect Moving Office Letter With Changing Picture Action

The use of an interactive mailer will make a difference to the success of your office relocation announcement and by choosing a Dissolving Picture you have the perfect platform.  A picture changing can reflect “from this to this” and “before and after” and so make a great idea for a change of address promotion. Picture dissolves offer an attention-grabbing office relocation notice that will not get ignored. If the interactive mailer has a movement which can suggest change then the rest is down to the graphic designer! Simply by pulling a tab or lifting the cover of a Cover Dissolver the picture in the window changes and this coupled with the fact that they are available in a variety of sizes including A6, A5 and 1/3 A4 they are all ideal for mailing as they fit standard envelope sizes. There are also different styles of office relocation notification dissolvers including 4-page options and products with two dissolving picture windows.

Moving Office Relocation Announcements To Carry And Keep

Of course, the relocation might be to a bright new building which you are keen to show off. If that is the case, then a location map may be required and The Little Big Card is a best-selling pocket-sized mini brochure product for this purpose. Available as a credit card sized or A7 office relocation notice and opening up to reveal A4 and A3 respectively makes this product a top choice for a change of address notification for brand new premises.  Two hard-wearing outer covers protect the inner folding sheets and you have a reference product with all your important moving premises information on that can be carried easily for future reference.

Pop Up Cards For Office Relocation Announcements

The Pop-up Cards are an alternative moving office letter that will catch attention in a novel and creative way. The Pop-up Cube Card has a 3D pop-up in the centre-fold which is a surprise when opened and attracts focus to your message immediately, we've also produced a Pop Up House Card along this same idea; the Pop Up Mouth Card shouts your message loud and clear for office relocation notification with clever cuts and folds.  With good graphic design you can have a bespoke office relocation notice that will impress your customers and suppliers. For something bold and showy for business relocation announcements is the Tent Card, is a self-assembly desk and table-top product that creates a very unusual moving office letter. The Mini Showcard, Prism Card and Tent Topper are smaller products with just as much potential for creating eye-catching and captivating change of address notification items.