Small Booklet In Swatch Format

Product Name: Swatch Cards small booklet
Size: Swatch Cards can be made in any size from credit card to 210mm x 210mm
Print: Smaller quantities will be digitally printed, larger quantities will be litho printed in 4 colour process as standard
Material: 300gsm silk art board for digital print. 350gsm silk art board for litho print
Additional Info: Minimum order quantity 250 units.
It is wise to consider a laminated finish since these small booklets will be handled a lot

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Small Booklet In Swatch Card Format

The Swatch Card small booklet is available in different sizes from credit card sized to 210mm x 210mm and most often produced as square or rectangle shaped small booklets.  If you need to make your small booklet stand out and be even more impressive you can chose a custom shape or maybe you like the very modern and trendy I-pod swatch shape.

Pocket Sized Mini Brochures And Small Booklets

Pocket sized Swatch Cards mini brochures are fastened with an eyelet in one corner. This allows the pages of this small booklet to fan out creating an impressive display which is easy to use. Whilst they are small in size Swatch Cards have plenty of print area and make an ideal choice for designing as a small booklet or mini brochure to pass on lots of information. These handy mini brochures or 'small booklets' have been used by a wide range of companies including banks and building societies, local government offices, holiday companies and paint manufacturers. 

Small Booklet For Pocket Sized Promotions

The Swatch Card is a small booklet with a difference. Very interactive and easy to use it is one of the top choices for trade show giveaway mini brochures or small booklets.  Traditionally Swatch Cards are associated with colour choices for paint, textiles but there are endless possibilities and you can create an individual small booklet that is pocket sized, easy and amusing to use.  The swatch design is also available as a Bottle Hang – acting as a mini brochure/ small booklet on bottle promotions.