Impressive Folding Small Brochures

Product Name: Foldilocks small brochure (first ‘gallery’ image)
Size: Available in credit card and A7 closed sizes as standard
A7 - open size 105mm x 385mm
Credit card with 6 inner panels - open size 83mm x 405mm
Credit card with 9 inner panels - open size 83mm x 555mm
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk art board
Additional Info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Use Small Brochures To Unfold A World Of Marketing Opportunity

The Foldilocks is a wallet sized, pocket friendly small brochure with a concertina style action. The folding panels are housed in a sturdy casing with a locking tab. As well as our standard sizes we can custom make Foldilocks to suit your requirements perfectly.  If you are looking for small brochures with lots of printing area, Foldilocks is the perfect choice.

Pocket Friendly Small Brochures

Compact and handy in size but with plenty of room for print, Foldilocks small brochures are ideal tourist guides, information brochures and trade show giveaways. The design of the perforated folding panels on the Foldilocks card makes it an ideal small brochure for issuing loyalty coupons or incentive vouchers.   

Small Brochure Marketing With Style

Everyone travels light nowadays, and small is the “buzz” word for everything. Foldilocks are marketing products that can be carried by your customers and kept for future reference without being too bulky. The Foldilocks is available in both A7 and credit card size and is one of the most popular small brochures for communicating product information and ranges of services.

Foldilocks Pocket Sized Print Card

The Foldilocks pocket sized print fold-away card offers a generous promotional print area considering that it folds down to A7 or credit card size! The Foldilocks card also has a neat and simple locking device which stops it from coming open in your pocket or handbag etc. The pocket sized print cards pictured folds down to A7 or credit card size though we do make “specials” to order. Our preference is to make the product with perforated folds between the cards. The Foldilocks card folds flatter when it is made this way. However, some clients prefer to have it with creases in case the cards get torn out of the "book". This is perfectly understandable but it does make the Foldilocks a little bulkier.

Marketing Ideas Or The Foldilocks Pocket Sized Print Card

The most original and most popular Foldilocks card is credit card sized but we have made many bespoke variations - all of which can fall into the category of "pocket sized print" or mini brochures. The folding promotional advertising product has proved to be popular as a handy pocket-sized timetable for bus and train companies and as an event timetable such as at a conference or an exhibition. Another very popular use for this example of pocket sized print has been as a strip of tear-off coupons. One clever marketing idea had it printed with daily recipes whilst others have used it as a menu for corporate dinners. The Foldilocks card is also available as a bottle promotion as we are able to convert it into a bottle hang known simply as a Bottle Foldilocks.

Foldilocks As An Events Diary Or A Fixture List

Some other suggestions for use for these Foldilocks business communication products include: fixture list: product list: event diary: tour dates for a group, performer or show; appointments diary; concertina; pocket-sized; pint-sized; handy; small; wallet sized; dinky.