Expanding Telescopic Box Mailer

Product Name: Telescopic Box
Size: The mailing pack measures 210 x 100 x 24mm
The fully expanded box grows to 720mm in length.
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 500micron box board
Additional info: Telescopic box comes with its own bespoke mailing envelope (see video)
Minimum order quantity 250 units

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The Telescopic Box – A Box for Marketing and Direct Mail

The name”Telescopic Box” offers a functional description of the product but in no way does it prepare you for the surprise that is in store. The mailing box itself is a very generous 210 x 100 x 24mm which is easily big enough to stand out in the post and make it past the “gatekeeper” to your customer’s desk. However, no-one expects the contents to expand to a whopping 720mm.

A Marketing Box with Room for a Big Marketing Message

The fully extended size of 720 x 95 x 23mm really is something to behold and it creates quite an impact. Your marketing message just cannot be missed. Everyone who sees it is surprised by the full extent of the box.

A Perfect Box for Marketing and Direct Mail

We are always extolling the virtues of Dimensional Mail and the Telescopic Box is a great example of the genre. The outer mailing box can be a great teaser, the extended box supplies the wow factor and customer interaction and the final surprise is that the end box is an actual box – probably containing your call-to-action. All-in-all, the Telescopic Box is a perfect selection for direct marketing promotions and direct mail.

Promotional Telescopic Box– The Expanding Gift Box

Our Telescopic Box combines many ingredients that are vital to the success of an interactive mailer. The most important is that essential customer interaction is created by the pull-out action. Another important factor is the massive print area. This makes the telescopic box mailer a really attractive proposition to anyone with a big promotional message. Add the fact that the end box actually is a box and you have the ultimate interactive mailer.

Chunky Pack Telescopic Box Mailer

As the name suggests, it is a box with a telescopic action. However, the name does not fully describe the fun and surprise that the promotional telescopic box generates as your customer pulls out the end box and it just keeps on coming until it reaches an amazing 720mm in length. The Telescopic Box chunky mailing pack just begs to be opened as it lands in your customers’ mail tray.

Promotional Telescopic Box

The telescopic box mechanism gives this interactive mailer an overall length of 720mm which means that the overall print area is enormous and it simply cannot fail to get your message across to your customer. The telescopic box mailer is the perfect choice for a corporate direct marketing campaign with something to shout about! This exciting product offers versatility being suitable for themes of growth whilst also being effective in making a really big impact. The telescopic box is surprisingly affordable too; the pack is within the Royal mail category of “large envelope”.