Exhibition Giveaways With Instant Impact And Keepability

Trade show giveaways should achieve many things if they are to be a success for your company. Event items need to be interesting enough to be tempting to view and the contents must be read. Exhibition giveaways must be memorable items and, ideally be kept for reference. In order to create some kind of impact your trade show handouts need to be more interesting than those issued by your competitors and other exhibitors at the show.

The exhibition giveaways with the most impact are our pocket sized, high impact exhibition items – the Springbox, the Jumpinjax and the Two Pop Box. They have all of the attributes – powerful impact, yet still pocket-sized to enhance keepability, highly memorable and very likely to create a buzz marketing impact as they are passed around the office.

Innovative pocket-sized products are especially suited to exhibition handouts and proven winners as trade show giveaways when compared to flyers and other similar pieces of literature which are often seen in waste bins throughout the exhibition halls. The fact that they are pocket sized encourages attendees to keep them and refer to them again.

Trade Show Giveaways, Exhibition Giveaways At Corporate Events

Event and exhibition giveaways are really important. It is well documented that it is no good running a stand at an exhibition or organizing a corporate event without giving the attendees something to remember you by. We’re talking about promotional items, trade show items, event literature, exhibition and trade show giveaways and whilst everyone does it too you need products that capture attention and keep it. The Foldilocks card, Hidden Book, Swatch, Little Big Card and Carry And Keep card are all pocket-sized items packed with YOUR information. All of the attendees walk out with plastic carrier bags full of “freebies”; in fact that is the sole reason some visitors attend.  So what is the answer? Give them interesting and unusual marketing products and exhibition giveaways that will keep their attention.

The Flicker Card for instance is the perfect platform for a product range brochure; a very interactive design and very absorbing for the reader.  The Interloop® Mailer and Dissolving Picture are two entertaining event products to and will be picked up again and again, and shared with others - all the while YOUR company is in their focus.

Interactive Trade Show Giveaways That Break The Ice Versus Walk-past Freebies

Who should you give your trade show giveaways to? The perfect knack is first of all to be able to spot the wheat from the chaff. Once you are able to sort out serious prospects from time-wasters and freebie-collectors that’s the time to invite your visitor to accept your tradeshow giveaway products. If your own product is a fun thing and your guests have a sense of humour then there are no better exhibition giveaways than the pop up products – particularly the ones with a big impact, a big surprise and a big laugh. One exhibition freebie which ticks all of these boxes, and offers lots of room for promotional print that is not too hard on the marketing budget is the Whitney Woods Jumpinjax.

The product is very simple – a small cardboard pack that has a sliding tray. Pull out the tray and 4 cardboard cubes jump out – but, boy, they don’t half make you jump! Trade show handouts have never been as much fun. This promotional handout is a real ice-breaker if ever there was one and with a surprise that the visitor is unlikely to forget. So much so that the visitor will want another one for his office to try it out on his colleagues. This is interactive marketing instead of handing out “invisible” freebies. 

Promotional Giveaways For Exhibitions With High Immediate Impact

The Jumpinjax exhibition giveaway isn’t the only in the Whitney Woods range which can create high immediate impact at trade shows and exhibitions. The Springbox and Two Pop Box are close cousins of the Jumpinjax and both offer the elements of surprise and fun in a similar fashion to the Jumpinjax. If the high impact products seem a little too playful for your own trade show giveaways then another idea is to present exhibition handouts that come in a neat flat pack and pop up into a desk-top product when you visitors return to their office. The pop up action always causes at least a ripple of excitement and your prospect will always collapse and pop-up the product a few times before finally putting it on his desk. If you are looking for larger pop up items you may like the Pop-up Ball and Pop-up Cube; both can have pen holes in and have plenty of space for your custom printed message. The pop up action ensures that your trade show giveaway will not be forgotten or lost in amongst the plethora of unwanted freebies.  You can add “zing” to your trade show literature products too with the Zing Thing which is a teasing design; you pull the card out and it springs back in – this is a great talking point and generates conversation easily with visitors to your stand.

Exhibition Giveaways, Trade Show Handouts – Great Alternatives To Flyers

Many exhibition give aways are purely for novelty, but of course, not everything given away is a gift or gimmick. What about your all-important product literature – that, too, should be printed on something memorable and preferably something that will be easy to carry. Pocket sized mini brochure products are always a good idea. Leaflets and flyers of A4 and A5 size tend to get stacked together and filed or binned, these type of items never to see light of day again but an interesting piece of pocket sized print such as the A6 Picture Dissolve will achieve at least top drawer status. Exhibition and trade show giveaways such as these mini brochure formats are great alternatives to boring flyers. The Starburst fold opens up almost like a flower and is a terrific way to display your marketing message and since the Starburst range starts from pocket-sized products upwards they are ideal for exhibition handouts and exhibition hall venue guides too.