Wheel Chart Information Disc

Product Name: Wheel Chart
Size: Each is custom-made and can be any size from 75 to 210mm diameter
Print: 4 colour process
Material: 350gsm silk board
Additional info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Wheel Chart – A Promotional Marketing Product

Spinners, disc calculator, eyeleted discs, ready reckoners – call them what you will! The wheel chart is usually made up of 2 or 3 discs eyeleted at the centre so that they can be turned and reveal information through die-cut apertures.  These handy reference charts and calculators can make complex information easy to understand. If you plan the diameter of your vovelles 160mm –they easily fit on the semi-automatic eyeleting machines. The manual machines can handle up to 300mm, however if on a tight time schedule production is slower.

Marketing Ideas For Wheel Charts

In the USA they are known as wheel charts. Over here they are called all-sorts – spinners; disc calculator; roundels; ready reckoners; eyeletted discs; vovelles; fact-finders; at-a-glance discs; round slide rulers or “just a couple of circles stuck together”! There has even been at least one book written about them (Reinventing the Wheel by Jessica Helfand) and there are thousands of people in the world who actually collect them as a hobby! This hugely popular business communication product has been produced for many different uses and far too many to list.

Vovelles For Business Marketing

Here are a few suggestions from success stories for business to business marketing and everyday business using these rotating products. Wheel chart; ready reckoner; disc calculator; slide rule; pensions; inflation figures; cost calculations; colour chart; medical chart; zodiac and horoscope chart; questions and answers; sporting events calendar; sports statistics wheel; wildlife information chart; product identifier; fortune teller; biography charts; geographic information; first aid chart; recipe wheel; disc of knowledge.