Wine Bottle Tags

Product Name: Starburst Bottle Collar
Size: 137 x 55mm when closed – including the big hole. 85 x 55mm without the hole.
Print: Digital print for smaller runs, litho print for larger runs
Material: Cover made in 350gsm silk art board
Fold-out section is on 150gsm
Additional info: Minimum order quantity 250 units

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Wine Bottle Tag With Fold-Out Display

Pick wine bottle tags with an extra dimension for sucessful drinks marketing. If you can produce a low-cost promotional item which gets across a message but also has a high rate of actual product retention with your target audience then you are onto a winning formula. So how do you combine an on-bottle promotion with an item that is likely to be retained by your audience? The answer is a simple one – combine a mini brochure with your wine tags and build in the ability to be able to easily detach one from the other and hey presto – you have discovered wine bottle tags with “keepability”. Until now, most examples of wine tags have taken the form of having details of a promotion on one side and a call to action on the other. There have been few occasions when part of the bottle promotion has been presented as an information piece or a collectible item to extend branding. Maybe now is the time to start to explore those avenues as the Starburst Bottle Collar fits comfortably into that category.

Starburst Wine Bottle Tag For Drinks Promotions

Wine bottle tags make a great on pack drinks promotion. How do you measure the success of an on-bottle promotion? Most would say that it is measured by the amount of people who take up the offer. But before they take up the offer first of all they have to be attracted by the wine bottle tags. That poses the question of which type of wine tags or bottle hangs are going to stand out on a supermarket shelf in order to get noticed and to create the necessary interaction with your target audience. You need wine bottle tags that are eye-catching, attractive and that will not be discarded as if they were regarded in the same light as “just another piece of boring junk mail”.

Consumers do not want to see same old bottle hang designs over and over again; which is why we decided to put on our thinking caps and come up with some ideas of our own. The culmination of these efforts is our bottle tags range incorporating a small selection of just three established pocket sized print products – The Starburst, Swatch Cards and the Foldilocks Card. Simple, attractive and fresh – and offering a far greater print area that just about anything that we have seen on the shelves this year.